Calvin Corzine

Calvin Corzine

27 Episodes

Born and raised in LA, Calvin grew up surrounded by a community submerged in yoga. His love for sports and the physical world led him to surfing and Jiu Jitsu and in his 20s he began practicing yoga. He felt an immediate connection to the practice, launching him into his current path as a teacher. Calvin has over 500 hours of training with some of the best teachers in the world, including Vinnie Marino, Jenny Aurthur, Jesse Schein, Sharath Jois, and many more. This intentional, rigorous training has greatly influenced his well-rounded teaching style, which is a distinct blend of Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Iyengar. Calvin’s classes will challenge you, make you sweat, and push you to the next level. They will open and strengthen your body all while bringing you to a state of peace, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

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Calvin Corzine
  • 75 minute Hip Flow

    Episode 1

    Open and strengthen the muscles in and around the hips in this fun flow class that leads to bhujapidasana.

  • 10 minute Abs

    Episode 2

    Build up your core strength in this 10 minute sequence that will have you feeling the burn in no time.

  • 30 minute Even Out Your Practice

    Episode 3

    Mix things up and even out your body with this flow sequence of external poses that starts with the left side first! Recommended props: 1 block

  • 20 minute Shoulder Strength

    Episode 4

    Gain strength and flexibility in your shoulders in just 20 minutes and rewarding sequence. Recommended props: 1 strap

  • 75 minute Tricky Transitions

    Episode 5

    Get creative with the transitions between poses in this playful class. Recommended props: 1 block

  • 30 minute Home Props

    Episode 6

    Learn how to use items in your house to deepen and enhance your yoga practice in this fun class. Recommended props: 1 table, 1 chair, 2 blocks, 1 strap, 1 blanket

  • 20 minute Use the Wall

    Episode 7

    See your yoga practice in a new light when you use the wall to give your body feedback. Recommended props: 1 block

  • 10 minute Fly, Crow, Fly

    Episode 8

    Let your crow take flight with this short tutorial that warms you up in all the right ways.

  • 30 minute Runners Legs

    Episode 9

    Stretch out and strengthen the parts of your legs most affected by running. Did you know we have an entire

  • 90 minute Around the World

    Episode 10

    Work the right and left sides of the body evenly with a different take on familiar postures in this fun and challenging flow class.

  • 90 minute Vinyasa Meets Alignment

    Episode 11

    Combine the heat-building movement of vinyasa flow with strength-building holds that focus on alignment. This class is influenced by Iyengar yoga. Recommended props: 1 block

  • 60 minute Open Hips, Open Shoulders

    Episode 12

    Focus on opening your hips and shoulders and maybe even get into bird of paradise.

  • 60 minute Hips without A's and B's

    Episode 13

    Open up and strengthen your hips with this creative class that builds plenty of heat without surya A or B. Recommended props: 1 block

  • 75 minute Hip Opener Series

    Episode 14

    Our hip opening journey series is coming soon! This will be the first class, which uses externally rotated poses to build heat and get right into the hips. Recommended props: 1 block

  • 75 minutes Watch Your Back

    Episode 15

    Do both sides of a pose before vinyasas in order to protect your back in this mindful flow class.

  • 75 minute Twisted Triangle Flow

    Episode 16

    Open up your twisting triangle with this flow class that focuses on externally rotated poses. Recommended props: 1 blanket

  • 30 minute Leg Not Belly

    Episode 17

    Strengthen your legs by focusing on movement that doesn't engage the core.

  • 30 minute Do Your Hamwork

    Episode 18

    Tight hamstrings can cause all sorts of problems, such as back pain. Open yours and feel the difference in only 30 minutes. Have more time? Work toward Hanumanasana. Recommended props: 1 block, 1 strap

  • 60 minute Hips and More

    Episode 19

    Get ready to move and stretch so you can open up those hips!

  • 10 minute Office Unwind

    Episode 20

    Take a few minutes to stretch your hips, unwind and do a little something to reverse sitting in a chair all day.

  • 60 minute Work Your Extensions

    Episode 21

    Focus on external postures and longer holds to build strength and balance. Recommended props: 1 block, 1 strap

  • 20 minute Shoulder to Shoulder

    Episode 22

    Stretch and strengthen your shoulders in every direction.

  • 60 minute Backbend Warm Up

    Episode 23

    Open your psoas, hips and upper back with a series of neutrally rotated poses such as crescent, warrior 1, and twisting triangle. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 strap

  • 20 minute Bro-ga

    Episode 24

    Can't touch your toes? No problem! This short class is designed for men who are in stiffer bodies and new to yoga.