• Steady & Strong w/ Elena

    Don't underestimate the power and focus of a slow, strong, steady practice! This class is all about taking your time to turn up the heat through the details. You know what they say... If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen! No props required.

  • 20 min Full Body Yoga Refresh w/Maya

    Join Maya for a mindful full-body refresh that will guide you to create space in your body and mind. Poses include: side body stretches, standing poses, core work, Virabhadrasana 2 (warrior 2), Parsvakonasana (side angle pose),gentle backbending, and more. Optional prop:1 yoga block

  • 10 min Relax and Renew w/ Elena

    Join Elena for this short but thoughtful practice to unwind tension in both body and mind. Guaranteed to leave you feeling fresh! Recommended prop: 1 block.

  • 15 min Morning Movements w/ Elena

    Start your morning off right with a flowing practice that starts with moving with the breath and ends with stillness to cultivate focus for the day. Props: none.

  • 20 min Balancing Practice w/ Elena

    Join Elena in a 20 min class focused on balancing all sides of your body through steady, thoughtfully-paced flow. Props: none.

  • 10 min Full Body Wake Up w/ Maya

    Join Maya for a quick 10 minute full-body wake up to get you moving and going with the flow. Release tension, ground your body, focus your mind to prepare for whatever you have in front of you.

  • 20 min Full Body Refresh w/ Elena

    Join Elena for this thoughtful, quick practice to help get your head on straight and your body refreshed. No props necessary!

  • Sunday - Love Your Lower Back w/ Elena

    Low back feeling tight? Keep this one in your back pocket to unwind spine tension. No props required!

  • 10 min Happy Hips w/ Elena

    Join Elena for this quick practice designed to give your hips a little reset! No props required.

  • 45 min Therapeutic Yoga w/ Elena - Ne...

    Give love to your mind, body, and IT band (and knees) with this thoughtful, grounded practice. Props: 1 strap, 1 chair, 1 block, 1 ball.

  • 30 min Power From the Core w/ Tracy

    This class is all about harnessing the power of your core. Through a series of targeted exercises, you'll engage not only your abs but also the deeper core muscles that contribute to overall stability. From planks to dynamic twists, each movement is designed to build a stronger, more resilient co...

  • 45 min Square One w/ Tracy

    In this session, we delve into the essential elements of strength training. Through a combination of medium and heavy resistance, you'll learn the proper techniques for movements like squats, deadlifts, and presses. By focusing on building a strong foundation, you'll set the stage for significant...

  • Welcome to Get Stronger w/ Tracy

    Get Stronger is a meticulously crafted series that guides you through a holistic approach to strength training. From mastering foundational movements to sculpting your core, engaging all major muscle groups, and enhancing endurance, each class builds upon the last. This series isn't just about li...

  • 45 min Therapeutic Yoga w/ Elena - Ge...

    Find a thoughtful, gentle connection to your core strength and discover how it supports spine health in this therapeutic practice. Props: chair, blanket, block.

  • 45 min Therapeutic Yoga w/ Elena - Po...

    Understand posture in the context of your body, and work on some common postural inhibitors. Props: 1 chair, 2 balls, 1 block, 1 blanket.

  • 45 min Therapeutic Yoga w/ Elena - Ch...

    Work on your balance in this fun class! This practice opens with foot SMR and gives you space and time to fine tune your single leg balance. Props: 1 chair, 1 block, 1 ball.

  • 45 min Therapeutic Yoga w/ Elena - Ha...

    If you and your hamstrings need to work on your relationship, look no further. We like equity, so this class focuses on both hamstring activation AND lengthening, plus, we do nerve stuff which is very important for hamstring health. Props:1 strap, 1 ball, 1 blanket.

  • 45 min Therapeutic Yoga w/ Elena - Hi...

    Get into the strength and stability of your hips with this thoughtful practice! First we do some work, then we give some love with myofascial release. Props: 1 or 2 balls, 1 chair, 1 blanket.

  • Welcome to Workday Wellness Yoga!

    How to use these classes, props you'll need, and other considerations

  • 20 min Postwork Unwind w/ Elena

    Unroll your mat next to your desk (or once you get home) and do this quick class to help melt tension and stress from a busy day. You work hard, so make sure you rest hard too. Props: None.

  • 5 min Brain Reset w/ Elena

    This quick breathwork practice helps to center and reframe your mind whenever you're feeling stressed. Props: Chair.

  • 10 min Midday Break w/ Elena

    Break up the busy work day with some movement including standing and seated poses. Props: Chair.

  • 10 min Movement at Your Desk w/ Elena

    If you have a short break and you want some well-rounded movement, this is for you. This class all happens while seated, but make sure you have some space around you! Props: Chair.

  • 10 min Hip Care w/ Elena

    Take care of your hips with this short practice designed to keep your hips happy even if you have to sit for work. Props; Chair