Unlock the power of your core with YogaWorks Core collection. Strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles, obliques, and back with dynamic yoga practices designed to build core stability and functional strength. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, these online classes offer a variety of poses and sequences that challenge your core and help you develop a stronger, more balanced body. With expert instruction and modifications for different levels, you can tailor your practice to suit your needs and goals. Incorporate YogaWorks Core into your routine to enhance your overall fitness, improve your posture, and cultivate a deeper mind-body connection.

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  • 45 min BodyWorks All Levels w/ Tracy Legs + Core 3/29/24

    This 45 minute Leg and Core strength class with Tracy will have you feeling fresh and accomplished!

    Exercises include: AB Roller on the Ball, Split Leg Squats, Split Squat to Twist.

    Recommended Equipment: Dumbbells, Resistance band, Ball.

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy Full Body Strength 3/28/24

    This full body strength and endurance workout hit every ounce of muscle you got! Level up with weight or speed or chill out with a moderate pace. Either way you will feel strong and accomplished.

    Exercises include: Sit and Reach, Crunch on the Ball, Chop and Throw.

    Equipment: Dumbbells and a ball.

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy Legs, Core and Cardio 3/20/24

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy Full Body Strength 3/18/24

    45 minutes of full body strength training at your speed and level. This particular class has your hear rate up and your overall strength challenged!

    Exercises include: Lunge to Press, Ball Crunches, Side Planks.

    Equipment: Dumbbells, Resistance ball.

  • 20 min Cardio Core Intervals w/ Tracy

    Elevate your heart rate and boost your energy with Cardio Intervals. You will combine bursts of high-intensity cardio with periods of active recovery. Whether you're a beginner, or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, this class offers customizable intensity, making it accessible to everyone. Head to t...

  • 20 min Slow Sculpt Abs w/ Tracy

    Strengthen and sculpt your core in this 20-minute workout that promotes core stability, balance, and a mind-body connection. Target and engage your abdominals, back, shoulders and glute muscles through deliberate and controlled movements. Head to the Playlist section of the app to listen to the p...

  • Day 11 - Slow Sculpt Upper Body w/ Tracy

    Sculpt and strengthen with this class that targets your whole upper body while promoting mindful movement and control. Head to the Playlist section of the app to listen to the paired playlist. Suggested props: weights

  • Day 6 - Slow Sculpt Lower Body w/ Tracy

    Strengthen and Sculpt your lower body by targeting key muscle groups in the legs. This balanced and effective workout uses deliberate movements to promote muscle engagement, flexibility, and mind-body connection. Head to the Playlist section of the app to listen to the paired playlist. Suggested ...

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy Upper Body Blitz 3/4/24

    45 minutes of Upper Body focused strength and endurance wit a core component sprinkled in!

    Exercises include: Rowing, Tricep Pushups, Lunge to Curl.

    Equipment: Dumbbells and or resistance band.

  • 30 min CoreWorks w/ Tracy Get a Six Pack 2/17/24

    Full body workout with emphasis placed on the core! Modifications given for all levels.

    Exercises include: Chopping, Squat to Throw, Plank on the Ball.

    Equipment Optional: Ball, dumbbells, resistance band.

  • 45 min Pilates Mat w/ Tracy- Knee, Shoulder and Core 2/13/23

    Grab the mini resistance band to strengthen the core, shoulder and knee joints while blasting your abs in the 45 minute Pilates Fusion flow.

    Exercises include: Reverse Fly, Lateral Band Press and Crunches.

    Equipment: Mini resistance band, ball or pilates ring.

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy- Back, Triceps and Core 2/12/24

    45 minutes of back, tricep and core focused exercises.

    Exercises include: Lat Pull, Slit Stance Row and Trice Extension.

    Equipment: Resistance bands and dumbbells.

  • 45 min BodyWorks All Levels w/ Tracy- Full Body Compound Movements 2/9/24

    This 45 minute full body compound movement strength class hist all the notes. Each exercise combines upper, lower and core body which will not only strengthen but also pops that heart rate up for an extra cardio-ish burn!

    Exercises include: Squat to Row, Lunge to Twist, Ball planks.


  • 45 min Pilates Mat w/ Tracy- Knee and Core Strength 2/8/24

    Knee and core strength go hand in hand. Try this 45 minute mini band knee and core focused Pilates Mat class and your knees will be thankful!

  • 45 min Pilates Mat w/ Tracy- Arms and Core 2/6/24

    Upper body and core are the focus of today's 45 minute Pilates Mat class utilizing the Pilates Ring.

    Exercises include: Seated Rotation, Leg Circles and Side Ab Series.

    Equipment: Pilates Ring, Pilates Ball, Yoga Block or Yoga Strap

  • 45 min Pilates Mat w/ Tracy- Basics on the Ball 2/1/24

    Don't deny the basics! The basics are brilliant in this 45 minute Pilates Mat Fusion with Tracy.

    Exercises include: Extension on the Ball, Rotation and Glute Bridge.

    Equipment: Pilates Ball or Foam Roller

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy- Lower Body Endurance 1/31/24

  • 45 min Pilates Mat w/ Tracy- Hip Work and Core 1/30/24

    45 Pilates Mat class with a focus on core and hip strength utilizing the mini resistance band.

    Exercises include: Clams, Crunches and Rotation.

    Equipment: Mini resistance band.

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy- Lower Body Strength and Endurance 1/29/24

    45 minutes of lower body sets of strength and endurance focused on the glutes.

    Exercises include: Banded Split Squats, Lateral Squats and Lunges.

    Equipment: Dumbbells and mini resistance loop.

  • 45 min CoreWorks w/ Tracy- Core Galore 1/27/24

    One dumbbell, one body and your set with this 45 minutes all core strength and endurance class. Go heavy when you can back off when you need. Tracy guides you through perfection style so you feel great at any level!

    Exercises include: Russian Twist, Twisted Plank, Chops.

  • 45 min BodyWorks All Levels w/ Tracy- Upper Body and Core 1/26/24

    Challenge your upper body and core strength in this 45 minutes back, arms and abs class utilizing the resistance bands or dumbbells.

    Exercises include: Rows, Planks, Tricep Press.

    Equipment: Resistance band and/or dumbbells.

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy- Full Body Strength and Cardio Intervals 1/22/24

    Try this full body strength and cardio challenge that will have you sweaty in seconds! Cardio is adjusted for all levels. Purge the day away!

    Exercises include: High or low versions of all cardio such as Jacks, Skating and strength includes Shoulder Press, Squats.

    Equipment: 1 dumbbell

  • 45 min CoreWorks w/ Tracy- Full Body Core 1/20/23

    45 minutes non stop abs flow with Tracy.

    Exercises Include: Twisted Plank, Ball Crunch, Twist on Knees.

    Equipment: 1 dumbbell and optional fitness or Pilates Ball.

  • 45 min BodyWorks All Levels w/ Tracy- Back Body Strength 1/19/24

    The muscles in the back of the body are crucial for maintaining posture and spinal alignment. Strengthening these muscle will enhance overall stability and balance, reducing the risk of injuries and improving functional movement.

    Exercises include: Superman, Dead Lift, Rowing.

    Equipment: Bodywe...