Melanie Lora Meltzer

Melanie Lora Meltzer

117 Episodes

Melanie began her practice of yoga 29 years ago as a fluke when it was offered as part of her theatre training. Upon graduating from college, Melanie started working behind the desk at Yoga Works so she could practice every day. 2 years after that Maty Ezraty invited her to take the Teacher Training, which she completed with Maty and Lisa Walford several months later. She immediately began subbing at Yoga Works, and within months had her own classes on the schedule. She taught at Yoga Works until summer of 2011, a month before her first child was born. Since then Melanie has taught online classes for Yoga Works and privately in Los Angeles and San Diego, where she now lives with her husband (who she met in Teacher Training) and their 4 children. Melanie is known for her thoughtful approach to alignment and her creative language. She specializes in teaching beginners and lower intermediate students, as she relishes breaking poses down and taking time to investigate the basics in a safe though challenging way.

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Melanie Lora Meltzer
  • 20 minute Yoga for Lower Back Pain

    Episode 1

    This yoga sequence will help to alleviate minor lower back pain. Recommended props: 2 block, 1 blanket, 1 strap

  • 30 minute Fit Beginners

    Episode 2

    This is a great practice for when you don't have a lot of time, but you still want a well rounded work out. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 blanket

  • 10 minute Meet Backbends

    Episode 3

    Break down bridge pose and locust pose. Recommended props: 1 block

  • 30 minute Gentle Breath and Move

    Episode 4

    This beginner yoga sequence moves slowly and emphasizes breath. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 strap

  • 45 minute Simple Gentle Beginners

    Episode 5

    Moves slowly and keep things simple. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 blanket, 1 strap

  • 60 minute Fit Beginners

    Episode 6

    This beginners yoga class is for those of you who are new to yoga, but still want to work out. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 blanket, 1 strap

  • 45 minute Long Beginner's Detox

    Episode 7

    This detoxifying yoga sequence will build heat to clear out the body and mind. Explore our Yoga Detox journey series. Recommended props: 1 block, 1 blanket, 1 strap

  • 5 minute Learn How to Vinyasa Flow

    Episode 8

    Learn how to do a full vinyasa including: downward facing dog, updog, plank, and chaturanga. Recommended props: 1 strap

  • 15 minute Gentle Seated and Reclining Poses

    Episode 9

    A short beginner yoga practice of poses done exclusively seated and on your back for days when you need to take it slow and easy. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 2 blankets, 1 strap

  • 30 minute Shoulder Flow

    Episode 10

    Building shoulder strength and flexibility takes time, but this short beginner practice will help you get there. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 strap

  • 30 minute Pre-Bedtime Yoga

    Episode 11

    This mini practice ends with a seated meditation and a juicy savasana to get you ready for a deep sleep. Recommended props: 1 block, 1 blanket, 1 strap, 1 bolster

  • 15 minute For Teachers - Seated Poses

    Episode 12

    Learn how to help your students find space, stay safe and work at the appropriate level when practicing seated poses. Watch another video for aspiring teachers. Recommended props: 1 block, 1 blanket, 1 strap

  • 20 minute Pre-Bedtime Yoga

    Episode 13

    Get ready to rest deeply with this calming and relaxing sequence. Recommended props: 1 block, 1 bolster

  • 45 minute Building the Bridge

    Episode 14

    Build the bridge to the backbend urdhva dhanurasana, or upward facing bow pose. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 strap

  • 30 minute Basic Flow

    Episode 15

    Flow through very basic poses that will get your breath and body moving together, get into your major muscle groups and leave you feeling balanced and refreshed. Recommended props: 2 blocks

  • 30 minute Strength and Simplicity

    Episode 16

    Work hard in simple poses in this short class that's designed for the beginner student who doesn't like to sit still. Recommended props: 1 block

  • 15 minute Meet Twists

    Episode 17

    Break down and practice twisting postures. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 blanket

  • 15 minute Morning Stretch

    Episode 18

    This stretchy sequence takes about as much time as brushing your teeth and making your bed, and will leave you feeling great for the rest of the day!

  • 15 minute Quick Prenatal Recharge

    Episode 19

    Boost your energy and get some nice stretching in with this short sequence that's perfect for the days when you're short on time. Recommended props: 1 block, 1 blanket

  • 20 minute Beginner's Balance

    Episode 20

    Improve your physical balance and deepen your mental focus. Recommended props: 1 blanket, 1 strap

  • 15 minute Quick Destress Practice

    Episode 21

    Find your center in this class aimed at all levels that is sure to get you moving and thinking positively. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 blanket

  • 10 minute Get Set for Flight in Crow Pose

    Episode 22

    Break down the arm balance bakasana, or Crow Pose, step-by-step so that you can take flight! Did you know we have an entire Journey to Learn Bakasana? Recommended props: 1 block, 1 blanket

  • 5 minute Meet Down Dog

    Episode 23

    Breakdown and learn to practice down dog. After that, be sure to check out another beginner online yoga class by Melanie.

  • 45 minute Fit Beginners #2

    Episode 24

    This sequence is for those of you who might be new to yoga, but are fairly active otherwise. The poses are basic, but by no means easy! Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 blanket, 1 strap