• Tuesday - Full Body Chair Yoga w/ Tamika

    Find flow anywhere with this chair practice that welcomes breath, body, and mind awareness guided by Tamika.

    All levels
    Props: chair; a bolster is helpful but not necessary

  • Saturday - Guided Savasana w/ Tamika

    Take a tiny pause in your day just for you to cultivate peace and calm in just 5 minutes with Tamika.

    All levels
    any propping for savasana -- this is especially nice on a sofa with legs draped over the arm

  • Sunday - Restore & Renew w/Tamika

    In this class, Tamika guides you through a bit of gentle exploratory movement, breath work, and side-lying savasana.

    This class is especially supportive for those who are not confortable lying on their backs in savasana and those who are pregnant. If pregnant, do not do breath holds.

    All levels...

  • Monday - Energizing Somatic Flow w/Ta...

    In this energizing practice, step into an exploratory flow that includes alternating sun salutations to invite in curiosity, joyful movement, and renewal.

    2 blocks may be useful if working with wrist or shoulder sensitivity

    Suggested playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5Y0SEEWUaXcavG1A7...

  • Monday - Meditation for Grounded Awar...

    In this short 5 minute practice that may be done anywhere, anytime, take a comfortable position and allow for Tamika's voice to draw you into a higher state. This practice is especially supportive for those in overthinking, feeling 'all over the place', and/or those who want to feel held for a li...

  • Sunday - Cleansing Yin Practice w/ Ta...

    In just a few shapes, Tamika offers you shapes and breath awareness that offer and opportunity to release the day, let go of what's not needed, and step into renewal.

    Props: 2 blocks, bolster
    All levels

  • 10 min Guided Relaxation w/ Tamika

    In under 10 minutes, find nervous system regulation with a Restorative shape and guided relaxation with Tamika.

    All levels
    Any available props or a sofa

  • 15 min Move, Breathe & Restore w/ Tamika

    Tamika guides you through the familiar shapes of Surya Namaskar A, B, and C to prepare you for a few moments of restoratives.

    All levels
    Bolster and one block

  • 15 min Chair Yoga w/ Tamika

    Whether in a chair at work or for assisted mobility, try this chair practice to find flow as you are wherever you are.

    Prop: chair
    All levels

  • 15 min Slow Flow to Let Go w/ Tamika

    Let go of thinking by flowing thorough these familiar shapes for 15 mins.

    all levels
    2 blocks

  • 10 min Rest & Digest w/ Tamika

    Take a pause from your day and enjoy a guided belly savasana for nervous system regulation.

    Pros: 1-2 blankets or towels

  • 20 min Yin to Cultivate Balance w/Tamika

    Feeling a little overwhelmed? Offset out Yang lifestyles with some Yin stillness. Cultivate the opposite with long held poses in this well-rounded, calming class to arrive at a more balanced state.

    All levels
    2 blocks or bolster

  • 30 min Yoga Nidra for Visioning w/ Ta...

    Set aside 30 minutes to care for yourself deeply. In a comfortable savasana, Tamika guides you into the state of consciousness called Yoga Nidra. This practice is supportive of increasing the mind-body connection, and of befriending your imagination to offer an experience of wakeful dreaming. If ...

  • 10 min 61 Points Rotation of Prana Aw...

    When you really need to calm your mind, giving it something to do can help. Tamika guides the Himalayan tradition of rotation of prana awareness that allows you draw your awareness to specific points, giving your mind a pointed focus, while creating more movement and awareness of the breath.


  • 10 min Rotation of Consciousness w/ T...

    When rotating the consciousness, you're experiencing how powerful you are. You will notice that you may create sensations and relieve yourself of them. Tamika guides you through this practice that is an essential step in Yoga Nidra, and will remind you of your ability to harness your imagination ...

  • 20 min Gift Yourself Rest w/ Tamika

    After a few moments of gentle movement, Tamika will guide you into deep rest to gift yourself time to be in comfort. Remind yourself of your ability to nourish yourself deeply. In just 20 minutes embrace true self care.

    Props: sofa/chair/pouf, blanket, eye covering

  • 5 min Body Scan w/ Tamika

    In a body scan, you will rotate your awareness around the body to feel it without the need to move it. This brings deep awareness and embodiment that will bring you into the current moment. Body scans are also amazing rituals if you have trouble sleeping. Give this practice a go if you find yours...

  • 10 min Setting your Sankalpa w/ Tamika

    Creating a sankalpa is the quintessential step of Yoga Nidra. It is not making a promise that you may or may not keep. A sankalpa is an intention that will be a guiding light during all times. Take time out to hear the murmurings of your heart to let your sankalpa arise. Then let it rest in the f...

  • 5 min Finding the Refuge Within w/ Ta...

    In yoga, we are always moving towards ceasing the manifestations of the mind. It's not always possible, but Yoga Nidra helps.. In this practice, Tamika guides you to go to a peaceful place within that you may call on when you need it.

  • 5 min Grounding Practice w/ Tamika

    Come into presence and embodiment in just 5 minutes. This practice is especially supportive for the person who feels pushed and pulled in a variety of directions and who wants a feeling of stability.

    All levels

  • Intro to Yoga Nidra

    Enjoy short practices for deep rest, intuition, and visioning to guide you when you need it.

  • Welcome to 5 Days to Unleash Your Inn...

    Yoga philosophy argues that we're never broken, but, at times, forget the fullness of who we are. Dive into 5 days of practice to hone the tools of movement, breath, and meditation that you may use whenever you need to remember your greatness.

  • Class 4: Flow + Soundbath - Move Out ...

    Enjoy vigorous movement for when you really need to shake things up, then enjoy a savasana with soundbath.

  • 25 min Abhyanga Self Massage + Restor...

    Abhyangha self massage has been shown to increase circulation and to inspire deep self care. Give yourself some healing touch, then put your legs up to rest deeply.

    - oil for self massage
    - large towel that you don't mind getting oily; you might need more than one
    - props: chair or sofa...