Tamika Caston-Miller

Tamika Caston-Miller

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Tamika Caston-Miller is an E-RYT 500 with advanced training in Trauma-Informed Yoga, Somatics, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Yoga Nidra. Her journey has been informed by chronic pain and injuries, social justice, ancestral healing, and compassion. She has studied with some of the most notable names in yoga and considers her work deeply informed by their teachings. Her expertise in yoga philosophy makes her a standout teacher.

Tamika Caston-Miller
  • Friday - Refreshing Restorative w/ Tamika

    Episode 1

    Tamika guides you into Mountainbrook -- a favorite Restorative shape that offers subtle heart opening while being fully supported. Grab all of your blankets to set up to replenish your energy in just 10 minutes.

    All levels
    3 blankets, 2 blocks, bolster, eye covering; a strap is helpful

  • 5 min Guided Savasana w/ Tamika

    Episode 2

    Take a tiny pause in your day just for you to cultivate peace and calm in just 5 minutes with Tamika.

    All levels
    any propping for savasana -- this is especially nice on a sofa with legs draped over the arm

  • 60 min. Slow Flow & Restore w/ Tamika - Slow & Low 5/5/24

    Episode 3

    In this practice that offers gratitude for movement and mindfulness, Tamika guides a practice that integrates restoratives and breath work to increase overall well-being.

    Intermediate L2
    Props: 2 blocks, bolster, 2 blankets

  • 10 min Restore & Renew w/Tamika

    Episode 4

    In this class, Tamika guides you through a bit of gentle exploratory movement, breath work, and side-lying savasana.

    This class is especially supportive for those who are not confortable lying on their backs in savasana and those who are pregnant. If pregnant, do not do breath holds.

    All levels...

  • 60 min. Slow Flow & Restore w/ Tamika - Shoulders, Hips, Hammies + Rest 4/28/24

    Episode 5

    In this class, unlock tightness in hips, hamstrings, and shoulders. This practice is especially supportive for those who carry stress in their shoulders and have frequent discomfort there. Enjoy a flow for experienced practitioners that incorporates breath, movement, exploration, and rest.


  • 10 min Meditation for Grounded Awareness w/ Tamika

    Episode 6

    In this short 5 minute practice that may be done anywhere, anytime, take a comfortable position and allow for Tamika's voice to draw you into a higher state. This practice is especially supportive for those in overthinking, feeling 'all over the place', and/or those who want to feel held for a li...

  • 60 min. Slow Flow & Restore w/ Tamika - the Permaculture of Yoga 4/21/24

    Episode 7

    In this practice, come home to familiar shapes to create a sense of flow and exploration of other moments of inquiry. Then rest in exquisite long-held, fully propped poses for integration.

    Intermediate L2/3
    Props: 2 blocks, bolster, block, access to a wall might be fun

    Playlist: https://open.sp...

  • 10 min Guided Relaxation w/ Tamika

    Episode 8

    In under 10 minutes, find nervous system regulation with a Restorative shape and guided relaxation with Tamika.

    All levels
    Any available props or a sofa

  • 60 min. Slow Flow & Restore w/ Tamika - Slow & Low, Create a State of Yoga 4/14

    Episode 9

    In this contemplative practice, Tamika keeps things slow and low to the ground in order to calm the nervous system while moving with curiosity. Enjoy movement, then rest in integration.

    This practice is especially supportive when having a long day or a lot going on.

    All levels
    Props: Wall, stra...

  • 60 min. Slow Flow & Restore w/ Tamika - Eagle Flow for Self Care 4/8/24

    Episode 10

    Tap into the quality of the eagle with perspective and discernment. What does your body need? What does your mind need? Listen and respond with skill. Tamika guides you through this Eagle flow to suit the season of changes, eclipse, and the energy that have today.

    2 blocks, bolster, strap, 2 bla...

  • 10 min Rest & Digest w/ Tamika

    Episode 11

    Take a pause from your day and enjoy a guided belly savasana for nervous system regulation.

    Pros: 1-2 blankets or towels

  • 60 min. Slow Flow & Restore w/ Tamika - Chair (Optional) Yoga 3/25/24

    Episode 12

    Elena joins Tamika to offer a class that fits a variety of situations. Are you in your chair at work? Let's go. Are you looking for accessible options? Here you go. After all of the fun, enjoy a Restorative integration.

    All levels
    props: chair, 2 blocks, bolster, 2 blankets, strap

  • 60 min. Slow Flow & Restore w/ Tamika - Fun flow, then chill 3/17/24

    Episode 13

    Tamika guides this fun flow to move your body, then enjoy deep rest.

    Props: Yoga Strap, 2 blocks, chair/pouf/sofa, blanket
    All levels, intermediate+

  • 60 min Slow Flow & Restore w/ Tamika - Get Curious, then Rest 3/11/24

    Episode 14

    Move through a flow of twists and side bends before releasing into Restorative Yoga. This practice is especially supportive for those who want to see variations.

    All levels, intermediate
    2 blocks, bolster, 2-3 blankets

  • 60 min Slow Flow & Restore w/ Tamika - Move mindfully, then rest 3.1.24

    Episode 15

    In this class we examine the why of the practice through the lens of active movement, then rest.

    All levels
    Props: 2 blocks, yoga strap, chair, 2 blanket

  • 60 min. Restorative Yoga w/ Tamika -- Somatic Movement + Rest 2/29/24

    Episode 16

    After shaking off the day and moving with curiosity, release into true self care through fully supported poses, rest, and contemplative silence guided by Tamika. This class is particularly supportive of those who have had a lot of stress or anxiety.

    3 blankets, 1 bolster, yoga strap, 1 yo...

  • 75 min. Yin & Restorative Yoga w/ Tamika - Stress, Rebound, Rest 2/25/24

    Episode 17

    Yin Yoga is all about stressing the body (on purpose). Restorative Yoga is about resting in alignment with awareness (on purpose). Then there is the residue after the shapes... the rebound. Tamika guides you to feel into these distinctions to notice what is on the other side of rest and resilienc...

  • 60 min. Restorative with Tamika for When You Really Need it 1/25/24

    Episode 18

    We do so much so often. Tamika guides you into shapes you can do anywhere without a lot of props so that you may restore yourself anywhere.

    Props: sofa/pouf/chair, 2 blankets, eye covering
    All levels

  • 75 min. Yin & Restorative Yoga w/ Tamika - Explore the Edge 2/18/24

    Episode 19

    Explore where the body meets support, where Yin meets Restorative, where you meet your edge in Yin postures, and meet rest in Restorative.

    All levels
    Props: 3-4 blankets, bolster, 2 blocks, eye covering (hand towel)

  • 60 min. Restorative Yoga w/ Tamika - Rest as seriously as you work 2/15/24

    Episode 20

    In this practice, Tamika guides you through creating the conditions for calm and repair through fully supported shapes. Learn how to fold blankets to be used as effective props, and enjoy a practice primarily propped with blankets to allow you to practice anywhere.

    Props: 4 blankets, 1 strap

  • 60 min. Restorative Yoga w/ Tamika - Somatics + Rest for Darker Seasons 2/8/24

    Episode 21

    After some movement, settle into the flow of breath and rest to reset your nervous system during times in which you feel lower energy.

    Props: Sofa/chair/pouf, 3-4 blankets, yoga strap
    All levels

  • 75 min. Yin & Restorative Yoga w/ Tamika - Deep Self Care 2/4/24

    Episode 22

    As a part of a series elevating self care during Black History Month, Tamika guides a practice that integrates Yin & Restorative shapes in an exploration of stress and release. This practice is especially supportive of those who experience overwhelm, and are space holders in their work or communi...

  • 60 min. Restorative Yoga w/ Tamika - Rest for Liberation 2/1/24

    Episode 23

    This class commemorates the start of Black History Month and holds space for those who have been overworked and overburdened, and for those for whom rest is challenging.

    All levels
    Props: 4 blankets

  • 75 min. Yin & Restorative Yoga w/ Tamika - Grounding, Rest & Low Back Love 1/28/24

    Episode 24

    In this long, slow, delicious practice, Tamika guides you into shapes that are especially helpful for low back and stress relief.

    All levels
    Props: 2 blankets, bolster, 2 blocks, eye covering