Dani Ibarra

Dani Ibarra

19 Episodes

Dani's carefully crafted sequences come from a fusion of traditional asana, yoga therapy, somatics, myofascial release, mobility work, breathwork, and meditation. Dani pays attention to detail and has a keen eye for sound alignment, but her teaching style is always lighthearted and fun. She is known for creating a safe space for self-discovery and transformation and encourages her students to move intentionally through gentle and accessible practices while connecting to a felt experience. Dani strongly believes that less is more, and our ability to heal depends on our willingness to slow down and listen.

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Dani Ibarra
  • 5 minute Just Breathe

    Episode 1

    This sequence will guide you through a simple breath awareness exercise and explain how you can utilize your breath in such a way that helps affect your entire system. The breath is a powerful tool for calming our nervous system, helping us to manage pain and literally shifting our emotions. Deep...

  • Knee Relief

    Episode 2

    This mini sequence is very effective if you experience tightness in the knee joint. The intention is to create space within the joint, plus you'll learn how to give yourself a calf massage that will feel awesome! Often loosening up the calf muscle will free up some of the tightness in the knees. ...

  • Free Your Joints

    Episode 3

    Our body craves movement. It doesn't matter how big the movements are as long as you just keep yourself moving. This sequence is very gentle and the intention is to create circulation in the joints and blood flow to the muscles. Arthritis begins to set in when there isn't enough movement so stay ...

  • 10 minute Breath Inspired Movements

    Episode 4

    The breath is the foundation for our practice as well as our life. When we coordinate our movement to our breath and allow the breath to inspire movement we have the ability to become present and still inside. Allow this gentle sequence to be a breathing practice accompanied by some movements and...

  • 10 minute Lengthen and Strengthen

    Episode 5

    Lengthen your spine and strengthen the muscles in your low back. This series of strengthening backbends will encourage you to keep your body long and low to the floor. Backbends can be extremely healing to the body if done correctly with good alignment, awareness and a willingness to open the hea...

  • 15 minute Chair Practice

    Episode 6

    Do this practice anywhere! These stretches are helpful and effective if you're unable to get down onto the floor. Gravity is effecting every single one of us, so opening the chest will keep the pectoral muscles from becoming tight, which pulls the shoulders forward, rounding the upper spine. When...

  • 15 minute Guided Therapeutic Practice for the Upper Back, Neck, and Shoulders

    Episode 7

    No pain, no strain! Ring out and unnwind tension, and cultivate gentle awareness with this sequence targeting the upper back, neck, and shoulders. Recommended Prop: blanket

  • 15 minute Ball Rolling Relief for the Upper Body

    Episode 8

    Using two therapy balls release tension and find ease by rolling your face, neck, and upper back. Recommended props: two balls & a block

  • 20 minute Sitting for a Living

    Episode 9

    When we sit, the hip flexors (located at the very top of our thighs close the hip crease) are held in a constant state of flexion. Our body is not designed to sit for hours and hours, so postures that move the front of the thigh in the opposite direction will help stretch and open this area of th...

  • 20 minute Ball Rolling for the lower body Relief

    Episode 10

    Using two therapy balls release tension and find ease by rolling your feet, legs, and lower back. Recommended props: two balls & a block

  • 30 minute Traction Action

    Episode 11

    Practice one of Dani's favorite sequences. All of the little nuances throughout the practice are designed to release tension in the muscles and create space. You may not see a lot of big movement because a lot of the actions are invisible to the eye, but can be felt deep within the body. These tr...

  • 30 minute Sciatica Sigh of Relief

    Episode 12

    Target the sciatic nerve by creating space in the hips and low back. The sciatic nerve often becomes aggravated when there is compression in the low spine, so with consistent stretching you may begin to experience relief. Always listen to your body and never push through negative sensations in th...

  • 30 minute Hips and Hammies

    Episode 13

    Pay special attention to your hips and hamstrings in this quick, stretchy class. Recommended props:

  • 30 minute Therapeutic Practice for the Lower Back and Sacroilliac Joint

    Episode 14

    Create space in your body, connect to your breath, and decompress your lumbar spine and SI joint. Enjoy some simple moves for lower back pain. Recommended Prop: two blankets and a strap

  • 30 minute Relax Deeply

    Episode 15

    Relax and restore in this class that focuses on restful poses and long holds with great therapeutic benefits. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 2 blankets, 1 bolster

  • 30 minute Unwreck Your Neck

    Episode 16

    Release the weight of the world from your cranky neck. Soften and melt away stress with small, gentle, and therapeutic movements. Recommended Prop: a block, blanket, and strap

  • 45 minute Sweet Release

    Episode 17

    This practice is all about keeping it simple with a combination of gentle movements followed by some delicious restorative postures. Once you begin to hold postures, be sure your body is comfortable and warm. Resist the temptation to chase after a stretch and give yourself permission to let go. R...

  • 45 minute Therapeutic Practice for Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders

    Episode 18

    Focus on healing your the soreness in your upper back, neck and shoulders in this restorative class. Recommended props: 1 strap, 1 blanket, 1 bolster

  • 60 minute Therapeutic Practice for Your Low Back

    Episode 19

    This is one of Dani's signature Therapeutic practices. The intention is to loosen up all the areas in the body that affect your low back. The sequence will target the hamstrings, hip flexors, hips and inner thighs. There will also be a few stretches for the upper back and shoulders. Everything in...