Jesse Schein

Jesse Schein

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Jesse Schein is an experienced yoga practitioner and teacher dedicated to helping her students achieve inner peace, focus, and self-love. For 23 years she has offered her teachings rooted in the YogaWorks method coupled with the vinyasa flow style of Ashtanga. Expect precise instructions delivered with loving kindness and often a touch of humor. Jesse’s mission is to foster freedom while encouraging each student to “Do YOU be YOU.” She provides an individualized path for practitioners to develop greater body awareness, connect deeply with intuition, engage their heart space, and ultimately come away feeling more connected than ever before. When she isn’t on her mat, Jesse can be found hanging out with her 9-year-old son or playing with her dogs at the beach, soaking up the sun in San Diego.

Jesse Schein
  • 45 min YogaWorks 1-2 w/Jesse A Lovely Vinyasa Flow 10/12/23

    Episode 1

    Discover the flow of breath and poses linked together as we slowly and mindfully move through this 45 min well rounded class.

  • 45 min YogaWorks 1 w-Jesse Breath Move Open Relax 10-10-23

    Episode 2

    45 minutes of breathing and shapes that will open you and relax the nervous system.

  • 45 Minute YogaWorks 1/2 w/Jesse- Hips and Core and Breath and More 10/5/23

    Episode 3

    Foundations for mindful movement and inner awareness with Jesse!

  • 45 Min YogaWorks 1 w/Jesse Twists and Upper Back 10/3/23

    Episode 4

    PT 5:30 PM- CT 7:30 PM- ET 8:30 PM
    Foundations for mindful movement and inner awareness with Jesse!

  • 45 min YogaWorks 1-2 w/Jesse Well Hello Standing Poses and Meditation 9/28/23

    Episode 5

    This class offers you a moment and check in and pause and focus on breath. Then we build some heat. We step to the side and explore all of the external hip openers standing: Triangle, Warrior 2, Extended Angle, Tree and Half Moon! A great class to meet these poses for the first time OR greet old ...

  • 45 min Level 1 YogaWorks w/Jesse Your Back and Core will Thank you 9/26/23

    Episode 6

    A rather sophisticated level 1 as I dive deep into your back and core. I explain HOW you can move your body and be very mindful and aware of your lower back. This is a great class to take with you anywhere else you may land!

  • 45 min YogaWorks 1 w/Jesse-Breath and Body and Alignment 9/19/23

    Episode 7

    This class focuses on the breath and how the breath feels in the poses in our bodies. I always offer very specific instructions on the HOW and WHERE everything goes. This class allows you to explore your self as an individual in the poses along with the group setting vibes!

  • 45 min YogaWorks 1 w/Jesse Your Body will Thank You 9/12/23

    Episode 8

    Breath by breath with clear instruction we explore our body's in a plethora of different shapes and feel more as we think less.

  • 45 min YogaWorks 1-2 w/Jesse Kind of Backbends 9/7/23

    Episode 9

    Backbends meaning we focus on the action that open upper back and the core to protect the lower back! Lots of shoulder openers and twists and arm instructions to open our upper body. A block handy but not required.

  • 45 min YogaWorks 1 w/Jesse Hips Have it Folks 9/5/23

    Episode 10

    We explore the hips and how they feel in this class. I guide you with specific cues and we go deep into the legs and and hips on our backs, seated and standing. 1 block if you have it if not i got you.

  • 45 min YogaWorks 1/2 w/Jesse Hips Glutes and your Pelvis 8/31/23

    Episode 11

    Foundations for mindful movement and inner awareness with Jesse!

  • 45 min YogaWorks 1 w/Jesse Patience is a Virtue 8/29/23

    Episode 12

    PT 5:30 PM- CT 7:30 PM- ET 8:30 PM
    Foundations for mindful movement and inner awareness with Jesse!

  • 60 Min YogaWorks All Levels w/Jesse Thoughts Heart Core and More 8/27/23

    Episode 13

    This class is well rounded with a few surprises. Lots of philosophy and alinement detail dropped throughout. We warm up and do lot of standing poses with options for arm balances or stretching in between. We focus on honoring our self and our needs throughout. It gets heated and sweaty if you wan...

  • 30 min All Levels Flow w/Jesse Let Go and Give it a Taste 8/25/23

    Episode 14

    In my last 30 min Flow class i get it all in. We let go we move we breathe we do core, arm balances, hips openers, stretching, twists and more. We laugh we cry we remember the good times we had these past 8 weeks.

  • 45 min YogaWorks 1 w/Jesse Slowing Down Breathing More and Paying Attention

    Episode 15

    This level 1 guides you to slow down and focus on the breath and the body. There is quite a bit of movement in this class. We slowly flow and listen in to the shapes of the poses. Lots of opportunity in this class to learn about what yoga is and how it can transform us.

  • 45 min YogaWorks 1 w/Jesse Core and low Back 8/22/23

    Episode 16

    This level 1 class is great way to get familiar with you how your core connects to the health of our low backs. I teach some basic core on our backs and then we start to move breath by breath and allow this awareness to connect to our low backs and pelvis. This class and its instructions will tra...

  • 60 min All Levels Flow w/Jesse Snowflakes and Sameness 8/20/23

    Episode 17

    This class has you listen in. It gives you permission to back off and do less or engage more and make it harder. I give a lot of instructions that ROOT and STABILIZE you so that the lower back and knees are protected. We root, stabilize and then elongate meaning we engage with space. I remind you...

  • 30 min All Levels wJesse Low Back Love 8/18/23

    Episode 18

    This class is all about brining our attention to the lower back. We stretch, we stabilize the core and the surrounding muscle groups. Very intricate instructions for the pelvis. This class's instructions will go with you to all of your other classes and your low back will thank you!

  • 45 min YogaWorks 1 w/Jesse Beginners Mind Galore 8/15/23

    Episode 19

    This class focuses on breath and the foundation of the poses by exploring the actions and placement of the feet. I also introduce the idea of "vinyasa" After specific instruction I allow you to have some time in the poses to simply feel it out individually.

  • 60 min YogaWorks All Level w/Jesse Clean Hair Day 8/13/23

    Episode 20

    Whoa this class delivers FIRE OR allows you to CHILL. Breath by breath we pay close attention to how we feel and make healthy choices. The menu is: Core, Sun Salutes, Upper Body, Standing Poses, Twists, Arm Balances and Backbends. Lots of alternatives to open hips.

  • 45 min YogaWorks 1 w/ Jesse Breath Twists and the Present Moment 8/10/23

    Episode 21

    Lot of instructions on the breath to allow you to explore the present moment in twists and upper back openers. 2 blocks.

  • 45 min YogaWorks 1 w/Jesse What Grounds Us 8/8/23

    Episode 22

    This class brings our attention to our breath and what grounds up. I offer very specific instructions about your feet and their placement in the poses. You will have the chance to explore your body from the ground up and discover where you are open or need some stretching or where you feel strong...

  • 60 min All Levels w/Jesse-A Truly Amazing Buffett Spread 8/6/23

    Episode 23

    Level -100 or 100 THIS buffet has it ALL. Breath, Standing Poses, Hip Openers, Stretching, Strengthening, Balancing, Twists and Transparency. 2 blocks suggested.

  • 30 min All Levels w/Jesse Hips and Back and Breath Oh My 8/4/23

    Episode 24

    A very effective and efficient class that gets you focused for 30 min on breath, hips and back. You will build heat and stamina and concentration. Lots of hip openers and moments to breathe deeply.