Jesse Schein

Jesse Schein

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Jesse Schein is an experienced yoga practitioner and teacher dedicated to helping her students achieve inner peace, focus, and self-love. For 23 years she has offered her teachings rooted in the YogaWorks method coupled with the vinyasa flow style of Ashtanga. Expect precise instructions delivered with loving kindness and often a touch of humor. Jesse’s mission is to foster freedom while encouraging each student to “Do YOU be YOU.” She provides an individualized path for practitioners to develop greater body awareness, connect deeply with intuition, engage their heart space, and ultimately come away feeling more connected than ever before. When she isn’t on her mat, Jesse can be found hanging out with her 9-year-old son or playing with her dogs at the beach, soaking up the sun in San Diego.

Jesse Schein
  • 45 min Level 1 YogaWorks w/ Jesse Quiet Amidst Chaos 11/28/23

    Episode 1

    The end of the year can feel chaotic. This class will allow you to slow down, let go a bit, open up and feel stronger in your body. Lots of breath and slowing down and self care.

  • 45 min YogaWorks 1 w/ Jesse Cat Cow on your Butt 11/21/23

    Episode 2

    A holiday week class to breathe and feel and move and take good care of yourself.

  • 60 min - YogaWorks - w/ Jesse - Sunday Party Flow - 4/30/2023

    Episode 3

    LOTS of choices: move a LOT and challenge yourself OR take the easier variations. Sun salutations galore, core when you least expect it, plenty of standing poses and 2 big twists. Backbends and inversions and arm balances offered at the 45 min mark OR gentle standing folds. We end with seated twi...

  • 45 min- YogaWorks 2/3 - w/ Jesse - Comeback Kid- 4/27/23

    Episode 4

    Fire up the abs and learn how to stabilize your pelvis in the first 3 minutes of class. Take this with you in your sun salutes all the externals and two twists. From there you are ready for dolphin or pincha AND Camel Pose! This one will leave ya bit sore in the glutes so we end with a hip opener...

  • 30 min - Vinyasa - w/Jesse - We get it ALL in - 5/22/23

    Episode 5

    Even if you only have 30 minutes get a well-rounded practice that resets your day!

  • 45 min - Vinyasa 2 - w/Jesse - Drop INTO your BODY - 5/23/23

    Episode 6

    Listen IN to how your body feels in the shapes. I MOVE you a LOT however there are options to be gentle or step it up. Lots of flow moments. We end with 2 deep twists a dash of core and backbends. You wont regret rolling your mat out at the end of your day with this class.

  • 60 min - YogaWorks 2/3 - w/Jesse - Attention Handstand Arms and Parts - 5/19/23

    Episode 7

    This class breaks down all the PARTS one needs to CONSIDER a handstand. Learn about the arms, legs, core, breath. It's a classic flow with lots of movement and standing poses leading you to try a handstand OR IMAGINE one! 2 blocks and a sense of humor.

  • 60 min - YogaWorks - w/Jesse - We get TO...5/28/23

    Episode 8

    Join me in this weekend flow in Palm Springs with my gal Lisa. We flow, we laugh, we cry. Theme is "we get to..." Classic YogaWorks sequencing with sun salutes, standing poses, core, twists, arm balances, inversion and a lovely cool down. Lots of choices can make this class challenging or mellow!...

  • 60 min - Vinyasa 2/3 - w/Jesse - Heart Opening Flow - 5/30/23

    Episode 9

    Open your hearts, shoulders, spine and chest in this well rounded vinyasa sequence with plenty of standing poses and sun salutes that leads into backbends. 2 blocks

  • 60 min - YogaWorks - w/ Jesse - 5/21/23

    Episode 10

    Align, shine, move, and breath as one with Jesse

  • 60 min - Vinyasa 2/3 - w/Jesse - Breathe and Feel the Shape - 6/1/23

    Episode 11

    LOTS of BREATH and moments to FEEL the shapes of the poses. Sun Salutes, Standing Poses, Core, Arm Balancing, Inversions, Backbends, LOTS of opportunities to be challenged and lots of moments to choose easier variations. 2 blocks and a sense of humor.

  • 60 min - Vinyasa 2/3 - w/Jesse - On Your Mark Get Set and Flow - 6/2/23

    Episode 12

    Every single part of a classic YW class is in here. Sun Salutes, Standing poses, breath, twists, Core, arm balances, Back bends, Stretching, arm strength, standing balance poses. Do you BE you! See how you're feeling and take on a LOT or choose to do less. It's a LOVELY buffet to pick and choose ...

  • 60 min - Vinyasa - w/Jesse - It's Moving - 6/11/23

    Episode 13

    This class will MOVE you Physically and Emotionally. It's a CLASSIC YogaWorks Jesse sequence with Sun Salutes, standing poses, core, Twists, arm Balancing etc. It SUPPORTS YOU to, "do MORE" OR "do LESS." I encourage you to hold space for your SELF and FEEL the range of stuff that perhaps comes to...

  • 20 min YogaWorks w/ Jesse - Breakdown Sun Salutes @ Wrensmoor

    Episode 14

    From Tadasansa's Template this class will guide you through each posture in the sun salutes and allow you to refine clean up and find something NEW!

  • 20 min - YogaWorks - w/ Jesse - Core & Stability for Twists - @ Wrensmoor

    Episode 15

    This class strengthens your core and stabilizes your hips so you can deeply twist an access your thoracic spine and open your heart.

  • 10 min Breathwork w/ Jesse - Ujjayi and Me @ Wrensmoor

    Episode 16

    Learn Ujjayi Breath in this gentle sequence that allows you to quiet your mind as you feel, listen and engage with your breath.

  • 20 min-Jesse - Promo

    Episode 17

  • 60 min All Levels w/ Jesse PRIDE FLOW 6/25/23

    Episode 18

    This class honors ALL HUMANS with a special shout out to the LBGTQIA COMMUNITY! Let's all come together 365 days of the year and HONOR LOVE and our SELF. Do YOU be YOU.

  • 45 min Level 2 Vinyasa w/Jesse "Let go Make Space" 6/27/23

    Episode 19

    The focus of this flow is to let go in order to create more space. We flow with the standing poses and lead to twists and shoulder openers. Lovely class to end the day or start it!

  • 75 min 2/3 Vinyasa Flow w/Jesse "Full Menu" 6/28/23

    Episode 20

    We stare at the ceiling and then GO. Lot's of How Are You Moments. Lots of choices to make it HARDER or EASIER. Classic YogaWorks class with a warm up, sun salutes, core, standing poses, twists, arm balancing, standing balancing, inversion, backbends, hamstrings, hip openers and BREATH. 2 blocks.

  • 45 min Level 2 Vinyasa w/Jesse "Open your Upper Back" 6/29/23

    Episode 21

    This class opens your mid to upper back from beginning to end. Every pose focuses on this area of your body. The end product is feeling OPEN and more connected to your heart. I am VERY specific and focused in this class on your mid to upper back and shoulders. This will be one to return to often!

  • 45 min YogaWorks Level 1 w/Jesse "Beginners Mind" 7/11/23

    Episode 22

    This class explores the beginners mind. First time doing yoga or coming back after a break or simply in the mood for the basics? Stay CURIOUS and dive in. I've got you covered. You just might fell in love with yoga! We do a lot of hips and bridge poses in this one.

  • 45 min YogaWorks Level 1 w/Jesse "Slow down to get Moving" 7/13/23

    Episode 23

    Welcome to a class where we slow down and focus on the core and our lower backs. Come one come all! Brand new or retuning or in the mood for a tune up? This class gives you precise instructions of alignment and time to feel the poses in your body. Let go and get present!

  • 60 min All Levels w/Jesse "Don't Resist! Persist, Engage and Relax" 7/16/23

    Episode 24

    This class: Don't RESIST, persist and embrace and relax. We get into the groove with these motifs and flow a lot. Sun Salutes A and B with some core in between. Warrior 2 and 3 come along. We end the standing sequence with 4 deep twists. Time to backbend and go upside down and stretch at the end....