Cardio/HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is a form of exercise that alternates between high-intensity periods of exercise and short periods of rest. This type of training is designed to increase heart rate, burn calories, and improve overall cardiovascular fitness. In a typical Cardio/HIIT class at YogaWorks, participants can expect a variety of exercises, such as jumping jacks, burpees, and high-knees, performed at a high intensity for short periods of time, followed by a brief period of rest. The class may also include bodyweight exercises and the use of equipment, such as kettlebells or resistance bands, to provide an extra challenge.

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  • HIIT Flow

    Incorporate HIIT exercises into a flow in this Yoga Sculpt class designed to energize you from the inside out.

    Suggested props: weights

  • 15 min Quick HIIT w/ Gustavo

    Join Gustavo for a quick HIIT moment designed to strengthen and energize you!

    Exercises include: Pop-Up Squats, Burpees and Forearm Planks.

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy Full Body Strength 3/28/24

    This full body strength and endurance workout hit every ounce of muscle you got! Level up with weight or speed or chill out with a moderate pace. Either way you will feel strong and accomplished.

    Exercises include: Sit and Reach, Crunch on the Ball, Chop and Throw.

    Equipment: Dumbbells and a ball.

  • 45 min BodyWorks All Levels w/ Tracy Compounds Plus Cardio 2/16/24

    Full body compound movements plus a cardio burst in between sets and your done for the day!

    Exercises include: Deadlift to Upright Row, Lunge to Overhead Press, Jacks.

  • 45 min BodyWorks All Levels w/ Tracy Super Set Legs 2/2/24

    Try this super set style leg workout with Tracy for max burn! Start your first round with a set of dumbbells, next set drop to high rep body weight, finish the round with low or high impact cardio burst and do it all again! stay for the finale with bodyweight burnout!

    Exercises include: Jumprop...

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy- Lower Body Strength and Endurance 1/29/24

    45 minutes of lower body sets of strength and endurance focused on the glutes.

    Exercises include: Banded Split Squats, Lateral Squats and Lunges.

    Equipment: Dumbbells and mini resistance loop.

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy- Full Body Strength and Cardio Intervals 1/22/24

    Try this full body strength and cardio challenge that will have you sweaty in seconds! Cardio is adjusted for all levels. Purge the day away!

    Exercises include: High or low versions of all cardio such as Jacks, Skating and strength includes Shoulder Press, Squats.

    Equipment: 1 dumbbell

  • 45 min BodyWorks All Levels w/ Tracy- Back Body Strength 1/19/24

    The muscles in the back of the body are crucial for maintaining posture and spinal alignment. Strengthening these muscle will enhance overall stability and balance, reducing the risk of injuries and improving functional movement.

    Exercises include: Superman, Dead Lift, Rowing.

    Equipment: Bodywe...

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy- Full Body Intervals w/the Band 1/17/24

    45 minutes heart pumping interval training using bodyweight and resistance bands or dumbbells.

    Exercises include: Jumping Jacks, Lunges and Rowing.

    Equipment; Resistance Band and/or Dumbbells.

  • 45 min BodyWorks All Levels w/ Tracy- Slow Sculpt Legs and Cardio 1/12/24

    45 minutes of heart pumping leg day! Strong approach to leg training with traditional and functional exercises plus a few cardio bursts!

    Exercises include: Dead Lift, Split Leg Squats, Lunges, Load and Unload, Get ups, Chops.

    Equipment: one or more sets of dumbbells and a resistance band.

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy- Slow Sculpt Compound Movements 1/10/24

    Try tis 45 minute compound movement strength class that provides a full body workout with cardio challenges weaved in.

    Exerises Include: Squat to Overhead Press, Deadlift to Upright Row, Sit to Stands.

    Recomended Equipment: Dumbbells and a fitness ball.

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy- Full Body Intervals 1/8/24

    Full body in sets of Upper Body, Lower Body, Core and Cardio with 2 rounds for a complete body burn!

    Exercises include: Rows, Squats, Reverse Crunch and Skates.

    Recommended Props: bodyweight or a set of dumbbells.

  • 45 min BodyWorks All Levels w/ Tracy- Interval Legs 3 Sets 1/5/23

    Change your intensity using the same exercise three different ways in this interval strength and cardio workout. 45 minutes of non stop legs with a core finisher. No jump options are presented.

    Exercises include: Split Squat, Deadlift, Lunges, Lateral Lunges. Jumps

    Equipment Optional: one and o...

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy- Leg Intervals 12/18/23

    Sweat and strength is the name of the game in this 45 minute leg and cardio focused workout with Tracy. Options available for all levels of fitness!

  • 45 min BodyWorks All Levels w/ Tracy- Bi's, Tri's, Shoulders and Core 12/8/23

    PT 6:45 AM - CT 8:45 AM - ET 9:45 AM
    Sweat, strengthen, and build power with Tray Tray!

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy-Heavy Legs, Bodyweight Core 12/6/23

    45 minute, as Tracy likes to cue "heavy for you' legs with bodyweight core exercises. A sprinkling of cardio and you are ready for your day!

  • 10 minute All about your feet and your foundation

    Focus on creating flexibility and stability in your feet in this fun, accessible class designed to help you maintain a stable foundation in your fitness and yoga classes.

  • 20 minute Fitness Fundamentals

    Ease into your fitness routine by learning the basics in this quick high-energy class.

  • 20 minute Arms, Abs, Glutes

    Tone and strengthen your arms, abs and glutes in this high energy fitness class.

  • Leg Killer

    Get ready for five minutes of concentrated and intense leg work in a class that will leave you feeling stronger and more balanced.

  • Leg Burner

    Get that fire cooking in your legs in this super fast class that will have you feeling the burn.

  • 10 minute Strength and Balance

    Work out all the little imbalances you need to address in this strong, quick class.

  • 10 minute Brandon's Body Rock

    Go with the flow and have fun in this class that combines elements of yoga, plyometrics and dance for a killer workout.

  • 5 minute Performing Plyometrics Safely

    Work at your own pace in this class aimed at teaching you how to approach plyometrics with both a good workout and safety in mind.