Ashley Lorenzo

Ashley Lorenzo

3 Seasons

Ashley Lorenzo is a dedicated yoga teacher based in Georgia who focuses on both the physical and spiritual aspects of the practice. Her classes incorporate a blend of physical postures, meditation, and breathing techniques aimed at helping students develop a deeper understanding of their minds and bodies. Ashley draws from her personal practice and teachings from her mentors to deliver a unique and impactful yoga experience.
She believes that yoga is a journey of self-discovery, and her classes are designed to help students connect with their inner selves and cultivate a heightened sense of awareness. Ashley feels grateful for the community that yoga has brought into her life and is thankful for the opportunities to share this ancient practice and the positive impact it can have on her students' lives.

Ashley Lorenzo
  • 60 min Vinyasa Flow w/ Ashley- Release Expectations Flow 11/25/2023

    Episode 1

    Find true presence in this flow practice with Ashley. Tune into your breath as an anchor to open your mind and body to the present moment. Let go of expectations and trust the practice as it unfolds with every breath.

  • 60 min YogaWorks w/ Ashley - Take a Breath, Shoulders & Twisting 05/17/2023

    Episode 2

    This class focuses on breathing techniques, shoulder stretches, and twisting exercises to release tension and promote relaxation. The class is suitable for all levels and is a great way to unwind and destress.

  • 60 min YogaWorks w/ Ashley - Heated & Stretched Hips - 05/08/2023

    Episode 3

    Join Ashley for a yoga practice that focuses on heating and stretching the hips. This session is perfect for anyone looking to release tension and increase flexibility in the hips. Get ready to flow through various hip-opening poses and feel the warmth in your body. Come with an open mind and le...

  • 45 min Vinyasa w/ Ashley - Posterior Strength - 5/16/2023

    Episode 4

    This 45 minute steady flow will build heat and strengthen your posterior chain.
    Props Recommended: 2 Blocks and a Strap

  • 45 min Yogaworks 1/2 w/ Ashley - Twist From Your Center - 5/13/2023

    Episode 5

    Ease into your practice with Ashley as she leads your to find your center through the breath. Spend time to open the shoulders and release tension before moving into a well-rounded that focuses on twisting from a stable place. Recommended props: 2 block

  • 60 min YogaWorks w/ Ashley - Revolve to Evolve - 5/15/2023

    Episode 6

    Join Ashley for a yoga class that focuses on twisting your spine to help release tension and stress in your body, while encouraging personal growth and evolution. This empowering practice will help you open up to your own personal growth to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

  • 60 min Vinyasa w/ Ashley- Center, then Twist- 5/13/2023

    Episode 7

    Build heat with Ashley in the invigorating 60 minute flow. This practice starts with core exercises that establish your to your center and strength. From a strong center, move into postures grounded and stable to twist and expand. This practice ends with a generous cool-down and rest. Props Recom...

  • 45 min Vinyasa w/ Ashley - Slow Burn & Twist - 5/11/2023

    Episode 8

    Build heat with Ashley in the powerful 45 minute flow. This one is a slow burn that will strengthen your core and create more space in your body to lengthen and twist.

  • 45 min Vinyasa w/ Ashley - Heated Hips, Balance and Ease 05/09/2023

    Episode 9

    This 45 minute yoga class that focuses on releasing tension in the hips while promoting balance and relaxation throughout the body. The class incorporates heat to help loosen the muscles and increase flexibility.

  • 60 min Vinyasa w/ Ashley - Open and Steady Flow - 05/06/2023

    Episode 10

  • 45 min Vinyasa w/ Ashley - Balanced Flow & Stretch - 05/04/2023

    Episode 11

  • 45 min Vinyasa Flow w/ Ashley - Balance, Twists & Hips

    Episode 12

    Yoga is a vehicle for transformation. Find balance with Ashley in this 45 minute flow that opens and strengthens the entire body.

  • 45 min Vinyasa w/ Ashley - Begin with Intention & Build Heat

    Episode 13

    Join Ashley for a 45 minute Vinyasa Flow practice that slowly builds heat and strength through repetitive movement, while connecting you to a deeper meaning for you practice.
    This well-rounded practice is suitable for all levels, leaving you feeling stronger, connected and aligned.

    Props recomm...

  • 60 min Vinyasa w/ Ashley - Steady Foundational Flow - 5/22/23

    Episode 14

    This well-rounded practice focuses on establishing a firm foundation for your breath and body so you can move, breathe and flow with greater ease both on and off the mat. Props Recommended: 2 Blocks

  • 45 min Vinyasa w/ Ashley - Hot to Cool Hips - 5/23/23

    Episode 15

    This practice is quickly paced to build heat and warm the hips. This build-up of heat prepares you for a deep release with hip-openers at the end of class. Props Recommended: 2 Blocks

  • 45 min Vinyasa w/ Ashley - Flow for 45 - 5/25/23

    Episode 16

    This practice is continual movement that emphasizes your continued connection to the breath as means to stay present and in flow, supported and open. Props Recommended: 2 Blocks

  • 45 min w/ Ashley Twisted Practice

    Episode 17

    Ring out your core and give your back and body and nice detoxing stretch in this twist themed practice. Recommended props: 1 blanket

  • 45 min Vinyasa w/ Ashley - Pranayama into Continuous Flow - 06/01/202

    Episode 18

    Join Ashley for a continuous flow practice that emphasizes breath. Start with Sama Vritti and Surya Bhedana Pranayama to calm the mind and connect with your body. Once you have established a foundation of breath, move into warming sun salutations that lead to standing postures. Finish with a gent...

  • 30 min YogaWorks w/ Ashley - Continuous Flow and Breathe - 06/01/2023

    Episode 19

    Join Ashley for a continuous flow practice that ends with cooling breath work. Start with Sun Salutations and Standing Poses to build heat and connect with your body and move into a cooling breathwork techniques like Chandra Bhedana to close.

    Props Recommended: 2 Blocks

  • 45 min Vinyasa w/ Ashley - Listen, Trust & Honor the Process - 06/08/2023

    Episode 20

    This 45 minute Vinyasa Flow practice slowly builds into a steady flow that opens the chest, shoulders and hips

    Please note: The video corrects focus halfway into practice!

  • 60 min Vinyasa w/ Ashley - Warrior 3 Into Wheel Flow - 06/10/2023

    Episode 21

    This yoga practice focuses on building steadiness and strength to expand and open the body. Ashley begins the practice in a reclined position, allowing you to connect to your breath and develop awareness of your body. The practice starts with opening abdominal exercises, leading into a steady war...

  • 45 min Vinyasa w/ Ashley - Steady Flow to Sirsasana - 05/18/2023

    Episode 22

    This yoga practice focuses on helping students work towards inversions. This class with Ashley builds strength, opens the body and flows through a series of asanas that prepare the body to go upside down. Challenge yourself, evolve and ultimately return to a feeling of being more balance and with...

  • 45 min Vinyasa w/ Ashley - Strength & Length with a Twist - 06/15/2023

    Episode 23

    Build strength while creating space in your body throughout this entire practice with Ashley.

  • 60 min Vinyasa w/ Ashley - Slow Flow to Open and Ground - 06/17/2023

    Episode 24

    This is a slow-paced yoga practice designed to open the hips, hamstrings, chest, and shoulders while preparing for balancing poses like Bird of Paradise. Begin with gentle hip-openers and hamstring stretches, move into chest and shoulder openers, and then finish with balance poses to feel open an...