Beginner Friendly

Beginner Friendly

New to yoga or fitness? Perfect, because this 8-part series is just for you. We've crafted these quick, effective classes to boost your confidence and get you comfy on the mat. With detailed instructions and alignment tips, you'll learn the ropes and discover what styles you love. Let’s find your new favorites together!

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Beginner Friendly
  • Foundations of Yoga

    Explore basic poses to help you begin your yoga journey. Together, we'll work foundations such as downward dog, forward fold, plank, simple lunges, and more.

    Suggested props: None

  • Fitness for Beginners

    Join us for a dynamic fitness class designed for beginners! You'll incorporate a mix of cardio, strength, and flexibility exercises to provide a well-rounded workout that will leave you feeling energized and accomplished.

    Props: Dumbells

  • Yoga for Beginners

    This beginner-friendly class introduces the fundamentals of yoga from the unique lens of the YogaWorks method.

    Together, we'll focus on foundational poses, proper alignment, and mindful breathing techniques to help you feel more confident in your practice.

    Suggested props: 2 blocks, 1 blanket

  • Breath and Movement

    Learn to link your movements to breath in this short yet effective, beginner-friendly class.

    Props: None

  • Intro to BarWorks

    A quick introduction to barre-style classes for effective and efficient weekly workouts.

    Suggested props: Chair

  • Dynamic Flow

    This beginner-friendly classic flow will help you ground your body and mind for a full reset.

    Props: None

  • Somatic Flow

    Are you curious about moving mindfully, tuning into how your body feels as you move, rather than just how it looks on the outside? Then this beginner-friendly Somatic Flow class is just what you need.

    Suggested props: 2 blocks

  • Jump In

    Dive in with this beginner-friendly class that gives you permission to just practice moving and grooving!

    Optional prop: 1 blanket