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Watch this video and more on YogaWorks

20 min Self Love Meditation w/ Vytas

Meditations & Movements for Love • 20m


  • 20 min Mobility to Move Better w/ Vytas

    6 months ago

    Moving well is a tried and true way to feel good. It is hard to love ourselves when we lack the capability to do the things we love to do. Take care of your joints. Feel the freedom in your body and in your life. Recommended props: 1 yoga block.

  • 30 min Spinal Mobility w/ Vytas

    7 months ago

    A healthy spine sends good signals to the rest of the body. The strength of the web depends upon the resilience of every strand. This class is foundational to free ourselves from all pain.

  • 30 min Neck Release w/ Vytas

    7 months ago

    Active cervical mobility coupled with gentle neck stretches to help lighten any tension you may be experiencing there

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