2 Seasons

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  • 5 minute Are We There Yet?

    Episode 1

    Do this breath work when you're in the car or out of the car to ease your nerves.

  • 10 minute Brain Hemisphere Synchorizing for Stress Reduction

    Episode 2

    Practice breath work and subtle movements to sync up the two sides of your brain and reduce stress and frustration.

  • 10 minute Pranayama

    Episode 3

    Practice various pranayama techniques and gentle movement in this short sequence that uses the breath to stabilize the energy of the mind. Recommended props: 1 blanket, 1 bolster

  • 10 minute Breath and Relax

    Episode 4

    Focus on breath work and relaxation in this brief introduction to ujjayi and viloma 1 pranayama. If you don't have blankets, use beach towels. If you don't have a bolster, use a thick cushion. Recommended props: 2 blankets, 1 bolster

  • 5 minute Rise and Shine Pranayama Meditation

    Episode 5

    Take a few minutes at the start of your day to charge yourself with life. Recommended props: 1 blanket

  • 5 minute How to Practice Ujjayi Breath with Kyle Miller

    Episode 6

  • 10 minute Natural Kegel Breathing (Prenatal)

    Episode 7

    Get familiar with the body parts that make up the pelvic floor to allow for natural kagel breathing. Recommended props: 2 blankets, 1 bolster, 2 blocks

  • 5 minute Learn Ujjayi Pranayama

    Episode 8

    Ujjayi is one of the most powerful breaths, and is wonderful to do during the physical practice of yoga as it energizes the body and centers the mind. Recommended props: 1 blanket

  • 5 minute Drowsy Driving

    Episode 9

    At some point on a long drive the coffee, sugar, etc stops working and we're just plain tired. Perk yourself up at the next rest stop with these jump switches.