Andrea Marcum

Andrea Marcum

Andrea Marcum is a yoga teacher, teacher trainer and author who leads retreats and workshops around the world. Teaching for over twenty years, she has a unique ease and familiarity about her, weaving accessible philosophy into the poses appropriate for a variety of experience levels.

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Andrea Marcum
  • 15 minute ABCs and Meta Meditation

    Bring awareness, benevolence and calm to your breath with this loving and kind meditation. Recommended props: 1 bolster

  • 30 minute Instead of Hitting Snooze

    Give your morning a jolt with this quick practice that will get you energized for your day. Recommended props: 2 blocks

  • 5 minute Single Legged Bakasana Tutorial

    We totally get it. For years you've been patiently waiting for your single-legged crow to take flight... sigh... Before you dive into another downward spiral of whoa-is-me, think of this tutorial as a bit of a crow-is-me. Andrea's got a trick up her sleeve that's gonna coax that bird right out of...

  • 60 minute What Four?

    This practice plays with the shape of a figure four in myriad ways. But the poses also offer you a chance to dive a little deeper and to ask what for. As the practice unfolds and changes shapes there are moments for you to view challenges as opportunities-- to see that possibility is where we fin...

  • 5 minute Tittibasana Tutorial

    Tittibasana is sort of like levitating that straddle seat (uppa vista konasana) you might enjoy sitting in as a hip opener. It does take some flexibility and because of that you're going to need to be warm for this tutorial. Have the equivalent of 5-rounds of sun salutes worth of tapas (heat) in ...

  • 45 minute Legs to Stand On

    If we're going to step out into the fullness of our lives, we're going to need some strong legs! This practice will help. It's a well-rounded (as in front, back, inner and outer) leg workout that will give you the muscles to stand for what you envision. Recommended props: 1 block, 1 blanket

  • 45 minute Shoulder On

    Enjoy transforming "shoulds" into "goods" in your shoulders. Join Andrea for this shoulder-oriented class. A loose grasp on a strap is suggested for this practice, as many of us tend to get a bit overly ambitious at the top of this sequence, only to find it unbearable mid-way through. Remind your...

  • 45 minute Wide Stance, Narrow Window

    Find some time for yourself with this quick practice that will leave you feeling refreshed and open. Recommended props: 2 blocks