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Welcome to Strong and Healthy Low Back!

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  • 3-2: 30 min Make it Fun w/ Elena

    10 months ago

    A big part of movement is making it fun and incorporating variety! This class is about tuning into the resiliency and intelligence of your spine and core. Recommended props: 1 block, 1 blanket/towel.

  • 3-1: 30 min Make it Functional w/ Elena

    10 months ago

    Take what you've learned in the prior weeks into standing postures and single leg balance, things we incorporate into our every day lives! Props: 1 block, 1 blanket/towel.

  • 2-2: 20 min Cultivating Mobility w/ E...

    10 months ago

    This class utilizes myofascial release, gentle movement, and nerve flossing to create adequate mobility for your spine and hips.