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Heart Opening Flow for Connection w/ Ashley



  • Heart Opening Flow for Healing w/ Ash...

    4 months ago

    Embark on a healing journey with a heart-opening flow focused on emotional and physical healing. This class incorporates gentle flowing sequences, restorative poses, and heart-opening breathwork to release stagnant energy, promote inner healing, and nurture the heart's well-being.

  • Heart Opening Flow for Forgiveness w/...

    4 months ago

    Release emotional baggage and cultivate forgiveness with a heart-opening flow that emphasizes letting go. This class includes flowing sequences, twists, and calming poses that activate the heart center, release tension, and encourage forgiveness towards oneself and others.

  • Heart Opening Flow for Gratitude w/ A...

    4 months ago

    Cultivate a sense of gratitude and appreciation with a heart-opening flow that focuses on acknowledging the blessings in life. This class incorporates heart-opening poses, intentional movement, and gratitude affirmations to open the heart, invite positivity, and foster a grateful mindset.