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Watch this video and more on YogaWorks

Tracy Bauer

45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy- Band Camp 8/2/23



  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy- In And Out...

    11 months ago

    Grab your strongest weights and a mini resistance bands and let's get busy getting strong legs and core. Every angle of the glutes, inner and out thighs are taxed! Hamstrings weak? She got you! Tracy sprinkles in some cardio to flush the legs and you're on to the next set! Get ready to sweat!

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy Can't Tawny...

    12 months ago

    Full body frenzy with bands, balls and weights in this 45 minutes strength class with Tracy! She keeps it fresh as always with constant movement and creative challenges for the whole body!

  • 45 BodyWorks w/ Tracy Small Change, B...

    12 months ago

    Tracy makes small changes to the placement of the weight during this 45 minute full body workout to make big changes in the workload of the muscle group! Big muscle groups, back, glutes and shoulders are the target today!