Tracy Bauer

Tracy Bauer

4 Seasons

Tracy Bauer's 30-year career is rooted in her passion for athletics and her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science and Biomechanics. She holds certifications in Personal Training, Performance Exercise Specialist, Pilates, Functional Movement, and Integrative Nutrition. Her students love her energy, humor, attention to detail, and strong leadership, which help them focus on quality movement and commitment to their practice.

Tracy Bauer
  • 45 min BodyWorks All Levels w/ Tracy Legs and Core 7/12/24

    Episode 1

    Mini band starts you off with a slow deep burn then you move to dumbbells and high reps to strengthen and tone your lower body. Equipment optional.

  • 30 min Bodyworks Express w/ Tracy Arms for Sale 7/10/24

    Episode 2

    30 min express class focused on shoulders, biceps and triceps using dumbbells and resistance bands.

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy Lower Body and Core 7/8/24

    Episode 3

    Legs, Legs and more legs plus a pinch of core and a dash or cardio for all levels in this 45 minute metabolic blaster!

  • 45 BodyWorks w/ Tracy Legs and Core 7/3/24

    Episode 4

    45 minute legs and core class featuring endurance based programming with dumbbells, a resistance ball or BOSU. Equipment optional.

  • 45 min BodyWorks All Levels w/ Tracy Core, Cardio and Arm Endurance 6/28/24

    Episode 5

    Try this all levels core, cardio and upper body endurance class. Equipment optional: dumbbells, resistance ball or BOSU.

  • 30 min Bodyworks Express w/ Tracy

    Episode 6

    Try this 30 min version of Bodyworks focusing on lower body and core utilizing a mini resistance band and dumbbells. Try it with bodyweight for a more moderate workout!

  • 35 min Power Endurance w/ Tracy

    Episode 7

    The final class in our Get Stronger series is designed to push your boundaries. By combining strength exercises with high-intensity intervals, you'll not only build muscle but also boost your cardiovascular endurance. This holistic approach ensures that the strength you've gained throughout the s...

  • 30 min Power From the Core w/ Tracy

    Episode 8

    This class is all about harnessing the power of your core. Through a series of targeted exercises, you'll engage not only your abs but also the deeper core muscles that contribute to overall stability. From planks to dynamic twists, each movement is designed to build a stronger, more resilient co...

  • 45 min Square One w/ Tracy

    Episode 9

    In this session, we delve into the essential elements of strength training. Through a combination of medium and heavy resistance, you'll learn the proper techniques for movements like squats, deadlifts, and presses. By focusing on building a strong foundation, you'll set the stage for significant...

  • Welcome to Get Stronger w/ Tracy

    Episode 10

    Get Stronger is a meticulously crafted series that guides you through a holistic approach to strength training. From mastering foundational movements to sculpting your core, engaging all major muscle groups, and enhancing endurance, each class builds upon the last. This series isn't just about li...

  • 15 min Express Abs and Shoulders w/ Tracy

    Episode 11

    This 15-minute class targets your abs and shoulders, combining dynamic exercises to strengthen your core and upper body. Expect a series of high-rep exercises that blend bodyweight movements and resistance training to maximize muscle engagement. Perfect for a quick yet effective workout, it ensur...

  • 15 min Full Body Workout w/ Tracy

    Episode 12

    Perform a dynamic sequence of movements, including squats, planks, and pilates exercise ensuring all major muscle groups are engaged. The class ends with a brief cooldown, incorporating stretches to enhance flexibility and aid recovery.

  • 20 min Powerful Lower Body w/ Tracy

    Episode 13

    Boost your lower body strength and endurance with this 20-minute powerful legs workout, featuring a mixed-intensity of squats, lunges, and plyometric exercises designed to target all major leg muscles. Perfect for any fitness level, this routine will leave your legs burning and heart pumping. Al...

  • 20 min Core and Glutes w/ Tracy

    Episode 14

    This 20-minute glutes and core class focuses on building strength and stability using a yoga block and bodyweight exercises. Participants engage in a series of targeted movements ensuring a comprehensive workout for both the glutes and core. The class concludes with a cooldown, incorporating deep...

  • Roll and Restore

    Episode 15

    It's time to take it down a notch as you roll out and release your hips and shoulders. Send extra support by rolling out and restoring the parts of your body that need it most.

    Suggested props: 1 ball, 1 foam roller

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy Legs and Core 6/24/24

    Episode 16

    Lower body and core blast with Tracy utilizing bodyweight, ball and mini resistance loop.

  • 12 min Cool Down w/ Tracy

    Episode 17

    Dive into a series of gentle yet dynamic stretches designed to target key muscle groups and enhance mobility for everyday movements. This session focuses on functional movements at the hip to help you feel more agile and limber throughout your day. Whether you're starting your morning with a stre...

  • 45 min BodyWorks All Levels w/ Tracy High Reps Leg and Core 6/21/24

    Episode 18

    High reps, moderate weight is the focus in this lower body and core strengthen and burn class with Tracy.

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy Upper Body + Core 6/19/24

    Episode 19

  • 45 min BodyWorks All Levels w/ Tracy Core + Cardio 6/14/24

    Episode 20

    45 min core and cardio class utilizing dumbbells and resistance bands.

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy Lower Body + Core 6/10/24

    Episode 21

    45 minute lower body, core and a burst of cardio using dumbbells, a mini resistance loop and optional ball.

  • 45 min BodyWorks All Levels w/ Tracy Full Body 6/7/24

    Episode 22

    45 minute full body strength and endurance with a focus on shoulders, triceps, core and legs.

  • 45 BodyWorks w/ Tracy Full Body 6/5/24

    Episode 23

    45 min full body strength and endurance with focus on legs, arms and core utilizing dumbbells and resistance bands.

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy Full Body Strength

    Episode 24

    45 min full body strength class with a focus on functional movements and traditional strength utilizing dumbbells and resistance bands.