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Watch this video and more on YogaWorks

Tamika Caston-Miller

20 min Yin Yoga to Unlock Pockets of Joy w/ Tamika


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    Yin Yoga is a practice of stressing the body in intentional ways. Open up the spaces around the heart in this summer-inspired practice.
    All levels
    Props: 2 blocks

  • 30 min Yin Yoga w/ Tamika - Find bala...

    Enjoy this short Yin practice anywhere so reset your nervous system while enjoying the creation of space all over the body.
    Included, hip-opening, backbending, neck & low back release, and lengthening along the IT bands
    Props: 2 blocks or stacked pillows/books
    All levels

  • 60 min Yin Yoga w/ Tamika - Create a ...

    In this all levels practice, Tamika explores yoga that creates a state of yoga. What exactly is a state of yoga? Find out.
    Meridians: heart, pericardium, triple warmer/san jiao (summer); gallbladder, kidney, liver, urinary bladder
    Props: Wall; blanket and blocks might be helpful