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Watch this video and more on YogaWorks

Jesse Schein

75 min Vinyasa 2-3 w/Jesse The Upper Body and You 8/30/23

1h 19m


  • 75 min Vinyasa Flow 2-3 w/Jesse Make ...

    9 months ago

    This class focuses on our legs and how to engage the muscles and manipulate the hips so that we can open our hamstrings safely and effectively. Lots of details then lots of time to flow and move. I remind you every step of the way to listen in and breathe. A class that your body will remember the...

  • 75 min Vinyasa 2-3 w/Jesse Fire Move ...

    10 months ago

    Core, Glutes and Upper Back. I guide you with a lot of root instructions and reminders to slow down and breathe more. This class is well rounded and has lots of additions you can add on like arm balances core movement and more. 2 blocks

  • 75 min Vinyasa 2-3 w/Jesse - Release ...

    10 months ago

    This class is a classic vinyasa flow with a few surprises to keep you in the present moment and not go on auto pilot. Lots of movement and breath and upper body strength offered. Lots of options to step it up or back off. 2 blocks needed.