Ignite Your Inner Fire

Ignite Your Inner Fire

Get ready to ignite your inner fire and embark on a transformative journey like never before! In this video series, we'll guide you through a powerful exploration of self-growth and personal metamorphosis.

Prepare to purify your body, mind, and spirit, leaving behind anything holding you back and embracing a new horizon of possibilities. With a dynamic mix of challenging, heart-pumping movements and deliberate, introspective exercises, this series will help you stay committed to your own transformation.

It's time to step into your full potential. Are you ready to ignite your inner fire and break free? Join us in this life-changing series now!

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Ignite Your Inner Fire
  • 20 min Breathing For Power w/ Vytas

    The deepest breathing is not the most optimal breathing. This myth has been perpetuated for many years. Instead, we will learn how to do more with less in this class that will help you develop your cardiorespiratory system needed to support a challenging practice.

  • 20 min Let it Burn Yoga Sculpt w/ Gustavo

    Join Gustavo for a strong and sweaty Yoga Sculpt Class designed to help you burn through any doubts and perceived limitations that are keeping you from stepping into your strength and power.

    Exercises include: Sun A Variation with Rows and Swings, Sun B Variations with Lunges and Jump Squats.


  • 20 min Slow Flow, Slow Burn w/ Tamika

    Do not confuse slow with gentle. Slowing down your flow allows for full embodiment and feeling in each pose. Join Tamika for a slowed down solar plexus focused flow tailored to light a spark in your house of power.

  • 20 min Core - Spark It Up w/ Tracy

    Every move your body makes begins with activation at the core. Join Tracy in this non stop 20 minute burner that will leave you sweaty and full of fire. This is isn't your average class full of crunches. You will throw, twist, chop and plank your way to a stronger more fiery functional you!

  • 20 min Classic YogaWorks Flow w/ Jesse

    Get a taste of a full YogaWorks style class in just 20 minutes! 2 blocks recommended.

  • Fiery Core Strengthening Flow w/ Ashley

    Ignite your energy! This class is designed to enhance the connection between your breath and movement, with a special focus on engaging and fortifying your core. After a gentle warm-up, this practice with Ashley explores different variations of boat pose and dives into plenty of planks and forear...

  • 20 min Light Your Way Home w/ Elena

    Join Elena for a thoughtful practice focused on exploring recovery, softness, and mobility. This class is all about embracing the gentler side of our inner fire and its place in our journey. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 blanket.