This fun yet functional fitness class focuses on muscular endurance and strength, cardiovascular conditioning, core stability, balance and flexibility - providing the perfect compliment to your yoga practice.

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  • 30 min- Full Body Works - Tracy Bauer

    Every piece of your body and soul will be working in this high intensity BodyWorks class. Tracy will motivate and give many options to modify as needed. Legs, arms, and core will be on fire! Recommended props: optional barbell weights and one block.

  • 45 min - BodyWorks - w/ Tracy - Leg Fest - 05/13/23

    This 45 minute Core strength class This class is designed to build core muscle groups while improving posture through performing a variety of exercises that strengthen the abdomen and back muscles and increase flexibility. Tracy includes free weights and mini resistance loop in this great

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy The Sea Was Angry That Day My Friends 6/21/23

    PT - 6:45 AM - CT 8:45 AM- ET 9:45 AM
    Get the arms and core strong to punch the bad away kids! Shoulders, biceps, tricep and abs are challenged today! Tracy adds in cardio bursts here and there for the best sweat!

  • 20 min BodyWorks W/ Tracy - Full Body Feelin' Fresh @ Wrensmoor

    In this 20 minute full body freshen-up for the soul, Tracy takes you through one round of each exercise. You will feel the work in all muscle groups with a heavy focus on the core being the initiator in every move!

  • 45 min BodyWorks All Levels w/Tracy- Are You Feeling It? 8/18/23

    This 45 min full body strength and endurance class hits all the major muscle groups and uses your core and stabilizers to increase intensity and effort. Tracy shows students how to level up or down according to your level and how you may feel on any given day. A ball and a set of free weights ar...

  • 45 min BodyWorks All Levels w/ Tracy- Boulders For Shoulders and Abs of Steel 10/6/23

    PT 6:45 AM - CT 8:45 AM - ET 9:45 AM
    Sweat, strengthen, and build power with Tray Tray!

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy- Full Body Fix 10/9/23

    This 45 min class with Tracy starts with core and arms then sneaks into heavy legs (optional) for a full body burn!

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy- Watch Your Back 10/11/23

    45 Minutes of full body fun in this strength and muscle endurance class with Tracy. You will work on shoulders, biceps and triceps then move to core and legs during your final push leaving you feeling sweaty but strong!

  • 45 min BodyWorks All Levels w/ Tracy- Slide On In 10/13/23

    Enjoy this 45 minute strength, endurance and cardio burst with Tracy using sliding discs or socks, weights and a fitness ball to challenge your whole body with emphasis on the core!

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy- See Saw Scenario 10/16/23

    Total Body workout with a focus on upper body and core with cardio in this 45 minute non stop burn with Tracy!

  • 45 min BodyWorks All Levels w/ Tracy- Every Body On Deck 10/20/23

    45 minutes of full body challenges today in this strength, endurance and cardio challenge. Lunge, Squat, throw and crunch your way to the best body ever!

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy- Let's Fly 10/23/23

    45 minutes of full body strength, endurance and cardio bursts! Jump in to any of Tracy's class and no fear! Tracy breaks down every exercise so it is accessible to al levels including injuries.

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy - Low and Slow 10/18/23

    Try this 45 min slow and focused strength class with primary work in the lower body and core. Grab your heavy weight and stay focused on form and increased range of motion to fire up the Glutes, Hamstrings and Quads. Use your core in every exercise to assist the movements! Squats, lunges , deadli...

  • 45 min BodyWorks w/ Tracy- Plank Heavy 10/25/23

    Try this 45 minute upper body and core focused strength class with Tracy. All levels welcome as Tracy will coach you to perfection no matter where you are in your movement journey. Get stronger in your planks and pushups like never before with her tips and tricks.