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Watch this video and more on YogaWorks

Ashley Lorenzo

60 Min Yogaworks w/ Ashley - Movement as Medicine 02/09/2024

1h 0m


  • 60 min Vinyasa Flow w/ Ashley- Power ...

    7 months ago

    This strong yoga practice with Ashley brings attention to the power that lies within our ability to observe ourselves on the mat and how this insight can lead to greater freedom of expression in our lives off the mat.

  • Heart Opening Flow for Connection w/ ...

    7 months ago

    Expand your capacity for compassion and connection with a gentle flow that is dedicated to fostering empathy. This class incorporates movement, gentle backbends, and loving affirmations to open the heart and cultivate compassion for oneself and others.

  • Heart Opening Flow for Healing w/ Ash...

    7 months ago

    Embark on a healing journey with a heart-opening flow focused on emotional and physical healing. This class incorporates gentle flowing sequences, restorative poses, and heart-opening breathwork to release stagnant energy, promote inner healing, and nurture the heart's well-being.

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