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Watch 10 min Neck Care w/ Elena

Watch 10 min Neck Care w/ Elena

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10 min Neck Care w/ Elena



  • 10 min Wrist Care w/ Elena

    5 months ago

    Give some TLC to your wrists and hands while sitting at your desk. A great practice to give yourself love during your busy workday! Props: Chair.

  • 20 min Come As You Are w/ Elena

    5 months ago

    However you're making it onto your mat for your class, you are here. No need for anything fancy, this is a simple, compassionate practice. Recommended props: none.

  • 45 min Therapeutic Yoga w/ Elena - SM...

    5 months ago

    Do you like self-myofascial release (aka self-massage)? That's what this whole class is all about. Prop list depends on what you have at home, but grab some of the follow: myofascial balls, blanket, 2 blocks, maybe a foam roller, and something to sit on.