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Morning Yoga • 30s


  • 20 min Revitalizing Yoga Sculpt w/ Gu...

    8 months ago

    "Join Gustavo for a dynamic and energizing Yoga Sculpt Class designed to help you tap into your strength and confidence to take any challenge life throughs your way this year with grace and grit.

    Exercises include: Sun A & Sun B with Cardio, Rows, Bicep Curls, Shoulder Presses, Tricep Kickbacks ...

  • 15 min Balanced Breath, Balanced Brai...

    8 months ago

    Join Gustavo for a rejuvenating Breathwork class that focuses on cultivating more mental and energetic balance as you practice Sama Vritti and Nadi Shodhona.

    Please gather any props you might need to spend 15 minutes in a seated position.

  • 30 min Balanced & Slow Flow w/ Gustavo

    8 months ago

    Join Gustavo for a yummy Slow Flow designed to empower you to cultivate more balance and ease on and off the mat.

    Poses include: Supported Supta Baddha Konasana, Happy Baby, Spinal Balance, Thread the Needle, Saddle Pose, Supported Legs up the Wall and Savasana

    Recommended props: 1 yoga block.