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Watch this video and more on YogaWorks

Jesse Schein

75 min Vinyasa Flow 2-3 w/ Jesse What's the Vibe today? 12/18/23

1h 17m


  • 75 min 2-3 Vinyasa Flow w/ Jesse Welc...

    8 months ago

    This class has many one legged poses as we focus on our balance. Lots of attention to our gazes and breath to bring us into the present moment. Chock FULL of standing poses arm balances inversions and flow if you're in the mood. Lots of time to back off and do less as well if you are in the mood.

  • 75 min Vinyasa Flow 2/3 w/ Jesse We B...

    8 months ago

    We build lots of heat and waste no time. We destroy our to do lists and put our heavy load down and get present and focused. Lots to choose from.

  • 75 min Vinyasa 2-3 w/ Jesse Inner and...

    8 months ago

    We explore a lot of leg action and lead up to a fancy arm balance and deep forward fold. Expect your legs and hamstrings to come alive in this one! 2 blocks