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Watch this video and more on YogaWorks

Jesse Schein

60 min - Vinyasa 2 - w/Jesse - Side by Side - 6/9/23

1h 1m


  • 60 min - Vinyasa 2/3 - w/Jesse - On ...

    4 months ago

    Every single part of a classic YW class is in here. Sun Salutes, Standing poses, breath, twists, Core, arm balances, Back bends, Stretching, arm strength, standing balance poses. Do you BE you! See how you're feeling and take on a LOT or choose to do less. It's a LOVELY buffet to pick and choose ...

  • 60 min - YogaWorks 2/3 - w/Jesse - At...

    4 months ago

    This class breaks down all the PARTS one needs to CONSIDER a handstand. Learn about the arms, legs, core, breath. It's a classic flow with lots of movement and standing poses leading you to try a handstand OR IMAGINE one! 2 blocks and a sense of humor.

  • 60 min - Vinyasa 2/3 - w/Jesse - Well...

    5 months ago

    Flow, strengthen, and create power in this advanced level class with Jesse!