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Watch this video and more on YogaWorks

Ashley Lorenzo

30 min Yogaworks w/ Ashley - All Hips, No Hands: A Gentle Practice - 06/13/2023



  • 30 min YogaWorks w/ Ashley

    4 months ago

    This yoga sequence focuses on opening the hamstrings and moving towards the the full split. Warm up with reclined bridge, sun salutations and standing forward folds, then move on to poses like Downward Facing Dog and Crescent Warrior. Work towards the peak pose of full split or hanumansana, and f...

  • 30 Min YogaWorks w/ Ashley - Spinal L...

    4 months ago

    Give some love to your shoulders and spine in this practice.

  • 30 min Yogaworks w/ Ashley - Heated T...

    5 months ago

    This shorter format practice will focus on standing posture that will open and warm your entire body. By the end of the practice, you will be ready to turn the heat of the practice down with some cooling hip openers. Props Recommended: 2 Blocks