Pilates & Barre Boosts

Pilates & Barre Boosts

Looking to strengthen your core and firm up those glutes? Look no further! Our efficient Pilates and Barre inspired workouts are just what you need to feel sculpted and toned in no time.

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Pilates & Barre Boosts
  • 20 min Core and Glutes w/ Tracy

    This 20-minute glutes and core class focuses on building strength and stability using a yoga block and bodyweight exercises. Participants engage in a series of targeted movements ensuring a comprehensive workout for both the glutes and core. The class concludes with a cooldown, incorporating deep...

  • Booty Blast Pilates

    This class is for your glutes! Through a fusion of Pilates exercises and targeted movements, we'll sculpt and tone your glute muscles while enhancing core strength and stability, leaving you feeling strong and balanced.

  • Inner and Outer Thighs

    This low-impact all-level workout targets the inner and outer thighs.

    Optional equipment: Pilates ball or small pillow

  • Classic Core

    Focus on strengthening and toning your core muscles through precise and controlled movements. With a combination of mat exercises and traditional Pilates techniques, you'll enhance your stability, improve posture, and leave feeling centered and empowered.

  • Tight and Toned Arms

    Tone your arms and shoulders in this no-weight workout.

    Props: None