Embracing the Elements

Embracing the Elements

Yoga is a practice that brings you home to your true self. The elements bring you back to your true nature. This series helps you connect to the rhythms and cycles of your life so you feel attuned to your truth. Getting grounded in the earth element creates a safe space to soften blocks with the water energy. The fire element helps alchemize obstacles so the air element of love can flow with more ease throughout your life.

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Embracing the Elements
  • 25 min Earth Flow to Ground and Grow w/ Mia

    Grounding into the Earth element helps us stand in our roots with a strong base. When we feel solid in our vessel we have the courage to try new things and be fully aligned in our truth. This short flow will support you where you are grounding to grow. recommended: block

  • 20 min Flow Like Water w/ Mia

    In this flow practice you will have some space to soften obstacles so there is more ease in how you navigate the poses and also Life. When you clear away the clutter of the overthinking mind there is more room to connect to abundance that resides deep within the wellness of your being. recommende...

  • 20 min Ignite Your Fire w/ Mia

    Fire is the element connected to your solar plexus. The area of a strong center connects to a strong sense of self worth. Tapas/heat you build in practice and life helps transform your metaphorical lead into gold. recommended: blocks

  • 20 min Air Out & Breathe In Love w/ Mia

    A flow to tune into your breath and check in with your heart. The air element gives you space to soften obstacles so you are open to give and receive love with ease. recommended: block and strap