Embrace and Empower

Embrace and Empower

Get ready to outsmart life's curveballs with our "Embrace and Empower" video series. Discover a toolkit of practices that will leave you feeling stronger, both mentally and physically. Learn to nurture yourself with yoga and fitness, while cultivating compassion for yourself and your circumstances. Join us on this healing journey, where we provide the tools to help you navigate life's big challenges and take control of your reactions.

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Embrace and Empower
  • 20 min Do you, Be You w/ Jesse

    A classic YogaWorks sequence that allows you to show up exactly as you are.

  • 20 min Steadiness w/ Vytas

    No matter the vicissitudes of life, the ability to find steadiness is crucial for us to respond instead of react. This practice will incorporate longer holds and challenge you to not leave poses as quickly as you may want to.

  • 20 min Gift Yourself Rest w/ Tamika

    After a few moments of gentle movement, Tamika will guide you into deep rest to gift yourself time to be in comfort. Remind yourself of your ability to nourish yourself deeply. In just 20 minutes embrace true self care.

    Props: sofa/chair/pouf, blanket, eye covering

  • 20 min Empowered Plank w/ Tracy

    This class designed to build strength and stability in any plank position. Challenge your core muscles and improve your overall strength, helping you achieve better posture and reduce the risk of injury. With a series of varied plank exercises, you'll engage every muscle in your core while enhanc...

  • 20 min Come As You Are w/ Elena

    However you're making it onto your mat for your class, you are here. No need for anything fancy, this is a simple, compassionate practice. Recommended props: none.

  • 20 min Flow for Navigating Big Moments w/ Ashley

    This yoga practice with Ashley is here to help you navigate life's big moments. Flow with Ashley into a practice could include calming poses like child's pose, grounding poses like mountain pose, and empowering poses like warrior II to help you meet life with a nervous system that is well-regulat...

  • 20 min Be Kind to Yourself w/ Gustavo

    Join Gustavo for a yummy slow flow designed to help you reconnect with yourself. This class will encourage you to use your breath as you move through a gentle flow to help soothe your central nervous system and help you tap into your kindness and self compassion.

    Poses include: Breathwork, Came...