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Becky Nickerson

15 min Morning Stretch w/ Becky - Radiant Sidebody - 8/29/2023



  • 15 min Morning Stretch w/ Becky - Pre...

    11 months ago

    Join Becky to move, stretch, and mobilize the biggest joints in your body. By engaging in these controlled and deliberate movements, you can increase joint lubrication, mitigate stiffness, and promote synovial fluid circulation, all of which contribute to preserving optimal hip mobility. CARs als...

  • 15 min Morning Stretch w/ Becky - Gro...

    12 months ago

    Just got off an airplane? Let's arrive! Join Becky for some gentle hip, shoulder, and spine opening to create a feeling of grounding and centering. Poses featured: Baddha Konasana, recline twists, skandasana, and prasarita padotanasana.

  • 15 min Stretch w/ Becky - Lower Body ...

    12 months ago

    Join Becky for a lower body refresh yoga class to release tension and energize your legs. Stretch your hamstrings, open your inner and outer thighs, and enjoy soothing shoulder circles for relaxation. These stretches will help improve mobility in the hip area, promoting a greater range of motion ...