Applied Philosophy: Yoga Beyond the Mat

Applied Philosophy: Yoga Beyond the Mat

Why practice the shapes of yoga? What is the purpose?

This series helps to bridge what your body knows with what will carry over into other aspects of life. It is for the person who wants to apply yoga to their everyday life and dig deeper into its concepts.

In this series, you will gain an understanding of the pillars of yoga philosophy with extended dharma talks, practice shapes, breath work, and mind mastery while developing the skill of self-study and observation without judgment.

You will advance your practice by understanding its full application and gain mastery in responsiveness rather than reactivity through applied yogic tools.

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Applied Philosophy: Yoga Beyond the Mat
  • Class 1: Find your Balance -- Explore the philosophy of the Gunas with YinVinZen

    Harmony, or sattva, is a pillar of yoga, typified by the pursuit of cultivating the opposite. Explore the philosophy the gunas--inherent qualities of passion, inertia, and balance -- that all beings possess. Then embody it through the fusion of Yin, Vinyasa, and Restorative Yoga.

  • Class 2: Applied 8 Limbs of Yoga - Breath, Movement, Meditation

    Before you move your body, have you considered how you're treating yourself and others on and off the mat? Yoga philosophy argues that this is important before your first posture. Explore the 8 Limbs of Yoga through self study & surrender, movement & breath, and the power of observation.

  • Class 3: Explore the Koshas & Slow Flow

    Nailing poses is gateway into most people's yoga journeys. But are we still doing yoga if we are solely focused on shapes? Dismantle to obsession with bodily achievement as you explore the koshas -- yoga philosophy in describing the fullness of who we are. Play in shapes and with dynamic movement...

  • Class 4: Embody Yoga: Soundbath and Rotation of Consciousness

    Sound healing is a method to allow for deep rest while resetting your nervous system. Get comfortable in savasana, listen, and integrate the lessons from your body, mind, and spirit with this sound bath and guided savasana.