New On-Demand Classes @ Wrensmoor

New On-Demand Classes @ Wrensmoor

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New On-Demand Classes @ Wrensmoor
  • 15 min Stretch w/ Ashley - Tension Release @ Wrensmoor

    Episode 1

    This yoga practice with Ashley is designed to relieve tension in common areas of the body such as the shoulders and neck. It includes a series of gentle stretches and poses that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine.

  • 20 min YogaWorks w/ Ashley - Meditative Mountain @ Wrensmoor

    Episode 2

    This meditative yoga practice focuses on Tadasana or Mountain Pose to create a steady foundation in every pose, no matter the season. Connect with your breath and still your mind to find inner balance. Move with Ashley through a series of standing poses, grounding down through your feet and feeli...

  • 25 min YogaWorks w/ Ashley - Strength Building @ Wrensmoor

    Episode 3

    This yoga practice is designed to help you build strength in your posterior chain muscles, which are essential for maintaining good posture and preventing lower back pain. The poses target glutes, hamstrings, and lower back muscles, and includes specific poses like warrior III, and locust. The pr...

  • 10 min Stretch w/ Ashley - Wrist Release @ Wrensmoor

    Episode 4

    This yoga practice will relieve tension in your wrists and increase flexibility. You'll focus on poses that gently stretch and strengthen your wrists, hands, and arms, while also increasing flexibility throughout your body. End the practice with gentle wrist and hand stretches.