Get ready to elevate your fitness journey with brand-new yoga and fitness classes! Designed to energize and inspire, these sessions are perfect for anyone looking to break free from their routine and try something innovative. Don't miss out on the chance to be among the first to experience these new workouts, tailored for all levels.

  • Slow Sculpt Upper Body w/ Tracy

    Sculpt and strengthen with this class that targets your whole upper body while promoting mindful movement and control. Head to the Playlist section of the app to listen to the paired playlist. Suggested props: weights

  • 20 min Nighttime Ritual w/ Ashley

    Develop a nighttime ritual for yourself with this restorative practice that concludes with supported savasana and guided yoga nidra to prepare you for deep rest and sleep. Suggested props: blocks, bolster

  • 30 min Balanced Flow w/ Mia

    Get moving and set the tone for your day with this strong 30 minute flow. Recommended props: 2 blocks

  • 20 min Legs & Booty w/ Maya

    This leg and booty workout uses low impact exercises to shape and sculpt your lower body and feel strong in your core! Suggested props: chair, Pilates ball

  • 60 min Crow Flow w/ Vytas

    Practice bakasana every which way in the context of a well-rounded flow class.