Relax and Heal in Under 30 Min

Let's relax and heal ourselves with these short gentle and easy going classes.

  • 20 minute Sitting for a Living

    When we sit, the hip flexors (located at the very top of our thighs close the hip crease) are held in a constant state of flexion. Our body is not designed to sit for hours and hours, so postures that move the front of the thigh in the opposite direction will help stretch and open this area of th...

  • 15 minute Guided Therapeutic Practice for the Upper Back, Neck, and Shoulders

    No pain, no strain! Ring out and unnwind tension, and cultivate gentle awareness with this sequence targeting the upper back, neck, and shoulders. Recommended Prop: blanket

  • 30 minute Gentle Breath and Move

    This beginner yoga sequence moves slowly and emphasizes breath. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 strap

  • 10 minute Pranayama

    Practice various pranayama techniques and gentle movement in this short sequence that uses the breath to stabilize the energy of the mind. Recommended props: 1 blanket, 1 bolster

  • 30 minute Sciatica Sigh of Relief

    Target the sciatic nerve by creating space in the hips and low back. The sciatic nerve often becomes aggravated when there is compression in the low spine, so with consistent stretching you may begin to experience relief. Always listen to your body and never push through negative sensations in th...

  • 30 minute Therapeutic Practice for the Lower Back and Sacroilliac Joint

    Create space in your body, connect to your breath, and decompress your lumbar spine and SI joint. Enjoy some simple moves for lower back pain. Recommended Prop: two blankets and a strap

  • 10 min Hamstring Opener

    Learn to engage the front of your leg to stretch and release the back of the legs, specifically the hamstrings. Move towards full hanumanasana. Recommended props: two blocks

  • 5 minute Shoulders and Gentle Backbends

    Stretch the shoulders, rejuventate the lower back, and enjoy creating space in the front of the hips. Props suggested: a block, strap, and blanket

  • 10 minute Lengthen and Strengthen

    Lengthen your spine and strengthen the muscles in your low back. This series of strengthening backbends will encourage you to keep your body long and low to the floor. Backbends can be extremely healing to the body if done correctly with good alignment, awareness and a willingness to open the hea...

  • 15 minute Back Spasm Relief

    Relieve your back pain in this class aimed at those of us that feel relief from seated poses and spinal rounding. 1 bolster, 1 chair, 1 strap

  • 30 minute Gentle Yoga

    Unwind stress from the neck, twist out tension, and stretch your hips and legs with this gentle and slow going sequence. Recommended Props: a strap

  • AC 30 Min Strength and Stretch (Ooyala)

  • 30 minute Strength and Stretch

    Increase strength and flexibility in your entire body in just 30 minutes. If you don't have blocks, use boxes or books. If you don't have a strap, use a belt. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 strap

  • 30 minute Relax and Rejuvenate

    Slow down and refresh your energy with this short restorative practice. It's perfect for spring-time renewal, during any cleansing period, or whenever you need more ease, quiet and nourishment. Recommended props: 2 blankets or 2 bolsters

  • 30 minute Relax Deeply

    Relax and restore in this class that focuses on restful poses and long holds with great therapeutic benefits. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 2 blankets, 1 bolster

  • 60 minute Relax Deeply

    Slide into deep relaxation with this restorative class. Recommended props: 1 bolster, 2 blankets, 2 blocks, 1 strap

  • 30 minute Hips and Hammies

    Pay special attention to your hips and hamstrings in this quick, stretchy class. Recommended props:

  • 15 minute PM Wind Down

    At the end of a long day, this gentle practice will ground you and get you ready for a peaceful nights sleep. Recommended props: 1 block, 2 blankets

  • 15 minute PM Stress Relief

    This gentle yoga sequence will help you to relax and unwind at the end of a hectic day. If you don't have blankets, use beach towels. If you don't have a strap, use a belt or bathrobe tie. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 2 blankets, 1 bolster, 1 strap

  • 15 minute PM Cool Down

    At the end of a long day, unwind with this calming practice that will help you reduce stress and get to sleep a little bit easier.

  • 35 minute Easy Morning Flow

    Get your day off to a good start with this gentle well rounded flow class. Recommended props: 2 blocks

  • 15 minute Morning Stretch

    This stretchy sequence takes about as much time as brushing your teeth and making your bed, and will leave you feeling great for the rest of the day!

  • 10 minute Supine Stretch

    Lie down on your back and relax with this soothing stretch class you will let you unwind after a long day or ease into your morning. Recommended props: 1 strap 1 block

  • 25 min Gentle Yoga w/ Tamika - Cultivate Energetic Balance - 05/02/2023

    Life is full of transitions and disruptions. (even in this class, a wee toddler interrupts) How do we find a balanced self in the middle of all of life's dizzying busyness? In this practice, gently move into movement to etch away at malaise and into more activity. All levels. Helpful props: 2 blo...