LIVE: Vinyasa Flow 2-3 w/ Jesse (Thu)
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LIVE: Vinyasa Flow 2-3 w/ Jesse (Thu)


  • 60 min 2/3 Vinyasa Flow w/Jesse Breat...

    8 days ago

    LOTS of BREATH and moments to FEEL the shapes of the poses. Sun Salutes, Standing Poses, Core, Arm Balancing, Inversions, Backbends, LOTS of opportunities to be challenged and lots of moments to choose easier variations. 2 blocks and a sense of humor.

  • 60min Vinyasa flow 2/3 w/Jesse HIP HI...

    15 days ago

    The focus is the HIPS opening and the glutes and legs strengthening. I also focus a lot on FEELING your body vs alignment cues. LOTS of movement and FUN challenges you don't see coming in this class. Your pelvis will THANK YOU at end.

  • 60 min Vinyasa Flow 2-3 w/ Jesse - Is...

    30 days ago