LIVE: Mobility w/ Vytas (Thu)
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LIVE: Mobility w/ Vytas (Thu)


  • 20 min Mobility w/ Vytas - Full Body ...

    8 days ago

    We go from head to toe and leave no joint unmoved. The perfect way to warm up before a big event or just lubricate the joints to start your day.

  • 20 min Mobility w/ Vytas - Hips Hips ...

    15 days ago

    Today's practice will leave your hips feeling free to move in all directions. Lots of full joint range of motion for those big ball and socket joints. Remember, mindfulness is the key to a successful mobility practice. Don't just flail around.

  • 20 min Mobility w/ Vytas - Shoulder E...

    22 days ago

    Have a broom/mop and a wall nearby for this shoulder mobility practice with Vytas. Mobility work allows us to move freely within a healthy range motion.